A Speech on Save Our Environment

This is the time for us to protect our environment and take care of the earth. We celebrate environment day to know the ways and spread the awareness regarding the importance of saving our earth.

The threat to the environment as well as for our healthy lives is increasing day by day, so it is our duty to make our planet a safe place to live. We should know that our every step can have a bad impact on the ecosystem. To live safely, it is our duty that we take care of our ecosystem.

The harsh and adverse weather condition is the proof that they need saving and caring more than ever. As we can see, the happenings of natural disasters and calamities are increasing day by day, and because of this, many people lost their lives. Besides, the melting glacier is another frightening situation as to why we should try our best to save our environment.

Additionally, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and the other greenhouses gases (such a water vapors, nitrous oxide, methane, ozone etc.) in the environment is proving to be harmful. If we don’t take this problem seriously, we will face a difficult situation in our future. It is always remembered that by saving our atmosphere, we can save our lives. Not only the planet but also our mankind is at risk, so we have to start now.

To save the environment, we have to start with the right way of waste management. To do this, we should start with proper recycling and disposal of the waste materials of our households, industries and other farming lands. We have to give emphasis on the use of the renewable sources like solar and hydropower. By doing this, we can adopt a greener, pollution free and healthy lifestyle. We have to be very careful to the water resources conservation process. You should avoid use hot water and use cold water when possible to avoid the misuse of electricity.

Along with the above mentioned processes the air pollution should be decreased at all costs. Everyone has to avoid taking personal vehicles, as much as possible. Use public transport to reduce global warming. You should switch off light and fans when we are not using it. We have to be attentive to the use of a recycled product so that no unnecessary waste is produced.

Avoid plastic bags and increase the use of reusable bags as much as possible, and the most important thing is that we should plant green trees as much as we can. When you plant a tree, then the amount of carbon dioxide decreases, thus helping in refreshing and improving the air quality. Planting trees is as important as taking care of ourselves, so discourage deforestation increase the interest of planting more trees. And of course the governments of all countries have to take some serious actions for overexploitation of wood and water and other natural resources to save our planet.

In this way we can save our planet and ourselves as well.

Thank you.

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