Should Self-Driving Cars Be Legal? – Speech (596 Words)

For a long time, self-driving cars were more like fiction. But today many companies are working on prototypes to launch these kinds of cars to normal people. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every 15 minutes a death takes place due to an accident made by humans. Making mistakes is part of human life.

They can be easily distracted or make wrong judgments. Though many raise a question in terms of safety by self-driving cars, it has assured fewer flaws than a human driver.

So, these cars have the benefit of reducing many such accidents, deaths, and injuries. In my opinion, self-driving cars should be legalized, because they come with various benefits such as;

Safer Roads. Humans have a nature of speeding, inattentive and recklessly, or harmful ways of driving. This can be avoided in the case of self-driving cars, as they are operated by computers. Ninety-four percent of accidents are caused by the irresponsible way of driving by humans.

Self-driving cars work based on sensors, cameras, radars, and analytically, thus they won’t be affected by drinking alcohol, using cell phones, or any other kinds of distractions. Computers have the skill to react quickly so any sudden situations reduce the chances of accidents. 

Cheaper and productive. Cars are an expensive investment. Everyone would love to own a car, and they can skip the many expenses other than licensing and registration fees through self-driving cars. The chances of high-risk accidents are reduced, so a large amount of insurance can be skipped from paying.

Although they might be expensive while buying them, the further repair work and maintenance charges could be very low as they would be so careful while driving. These types of cars could make most of our time that goes on driving to be put on for some productive work.

For example, we could take a nap on the way to the office, do some extra work, or mail and text in case of emergency without any worry of risking our own and other’s lives. 

More efficient and environmentally friendly. Self-driving cars provide us with a large number of benefits. They are well equipped with GPS navigation, inbuilt internet, and WiFi settings, the best sensors to detect danger in all routes or directions before the spot, and many more such interesting options making our lives more safe and convenient.

These cars may also produce polluted gases into our atmosphere but are lesser when compared to normal cars. Chances of being in many traffic jams could be reduced and so the pollution could be under control. In the future, many companies are trying to come up with electric cars to make them more eco-friendly. 

In conclusion, self-driving cars have many advantages in terms of making human life more secure and comfortable. So, making them our future mode of transportation could reduce a wide amount of accidents, reckless driving, and pollution, keeping everyone safe and also providing a safer environment for others.

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