A Speech for College Function

Very good evening to one and all present here and thank you for joining us at this long awaited function.

On this auspicious day, I would like to welcome you all for celebrating this day.

Stars shine at night, some stars shine even at bright daylight. It’s time to welcome one such star, the honorable chief guest of our today’s function. He is a well known writer who has inspired our lives with his great works.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. With this note I would like to welcome our respected principal to this function. We are grateful for your leadership and the way you inspire us.

I would like you welcome our professors who put their soul and heart in uplifting us. You are like an umbrella to us.

Last but not the least , a very welcome to all the students and staff who have joined us today to make this a memorable day.

It is a matter of great honor that our college has completed its 25 years with great success, but this is no end but the first phase of the beginning after which our college will move forward.

25 years ago the college was founded with an aim to provide excellent learning opportunities to the students and a great platform to showcase their talents skills. It began with a few institution courses and today our college has gone on to provide post-graduation as well as Ph.D. courses.

We were also ranked among the top 10 colleges of the country. This is a great accomplishment of our college. 

Our college is not only known for its academics but also because of its well known and well equipped research centers. Every year we also celebrate research scholars’ day where researchers across the whole country join us to share their knowledge. Other than educational achievements, we also appreciate development in the field of sports, arts, and culture.

In today’s function our students have organized a show for us to enjoy. They will try to put their best performance. I am well aware that the students have organized everything in quite a hurry and there might be several mistakes and loose ends in their performance. But, it is the willingness of the students to entertain you with the best they have needs appreciation. I am very sure that there will never be any lack of appreciation from our honored audience and you all will cheer for the efforts made by the students.

 We will begin with our Hon’ble principal who will felicitate our guest of honor followed by a speech ceremony. Then we will follow the performances of the students, which are a one act play, mix of dance performances, singing performances, a mime show etc.

We would also request our guest of honor to say a few words to our students and give away awards to the candidates for their achievements in academics as well as in other activities. This award session is the most awaited one for all the students as most of us wait eagerly for this award ceremony. This is the time when their efforts get appreciated.

I wish everyone have a gala evening and take back some wonderful memories. 

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