A Speech on Generation Gap

As we all know, humans have been inhabiting the earth for a very long time. Throughout the ages, there have changes in almost every aspect of the world. Various developmental changes have occurred and we are now able to see several changes that the previous generations could not experience and vice versa. The generation gap defines how one generation differs from the others. It exists to indicate how mankind evolves from generation to generation. 

Through the passing of each generation, people and their ideologies keep changing. There are significant changes in personalities, intelligence, dressing, perceptions, technology, and several other factors. One of the main characteristics of the generation gap is distanced relations. We commonly see the generation gap effects in our homes, with our parents and grandparents. Children often feel their parents cannot relate to them as they do not understand various recent concepts and modern lifestyles.

Parents want children to follow traditions and customs but children rebel against them not understanding the current trends and adapting to it. This is a major reason for conflicts in families. For example, homosexuality is a concept that is starting to be acceptable in the recent age. Most parents cannot accept this fact as they have not seen or experienced it when they were young. Similarly, various other factors create conflicts and clashes in families due to the generation gap. They often do not reach a solution and this creates a disturbance in their relationship.

The most important relationship that a person forms is his/her relationship with their family.  If that is affected, it will reflect on their whole life. What can be done to solve the problems arising from the generation gap is that parents should be more lenient and open-minded to their children and understand that times are changing and that their childhood lifestyle should not be imposed on the current generation.

Children, on the other hand, must be more tolerant of their parents and understand why they are telling you certain things. If you are very sure that the right is on your side, make your parents understand that it is so, not be making an explosion out of it, but by calmly telling them that you understand their perspective, but things have changed and this is what happens now. As we all know, open and calm conversations are the major keys to solve a conflict.

Make them a part of what you do and let them experience things in the new fashion. Help them with electronic gadgets and teach them how to use technology. One suggestion that I can give you from my personal experience is to introduce them to social media. Through the use of social media, they will be able to understand the new world in a better way and will be able to relate to you much more. Though we all know that the generation gap exists, let us try not to let it ruin our relationships with the previous generations. 

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