A Speech on Junk Food

Hello and good morning to everyone. I am very happy to have the opportunity to offer my speech on junk food.

Junk food includes and refers those foods which are rich in cream, butter, oil, sugar, lot of spices, salt and various preservatives. Food or ingredients those are packaged, processed, cooked to some extent but not fully cooked or ready to eat recipes that have to be eaten instantly out of packet. And also the foods, which kids love to eat the most, such as- chocolates.

Ice-creams, cakes, cookies, chips, fried items and obviously carbonated drinks- these are all junk food and very harmful for our health. Some of the junk foods are the food we can get in the restaurant, mainly the oily items. Then there are the mouth-watering deserts which are smeared or loaded with sugar and oil or butter. 

 We cannot resist the temptation, which leads us towards the in taking of these mouth-watering junk foods. We cannot stop our cravings for all those pizzas and burgers, fried-chips and fried chicken, thus harming our health. While sitting and chilling out with your friends, while impress someone with the good food, or while having a family weekend, we can go on with our never ending needs to taste those yummy inviting gooey looking food!

The habit of consuming these junk foods does not show any effects immediately at the time of eating. But in the future, it causes severe harm on our health and makes our life difficult. Cholesterol leads to various heart complications, diabetes, blood sugar issues, osteoporosis, etc. and of course the concerning problem of obesity.

Obesity has the power to invite various types of critical diseases for us in the long run. Sometimes, the problem of obesity can lead to premature death of a person. It can increase the scope of various other critical diseases. Cardiac arrests can take place due to obesity, including other types of cardiovascular diseases.


Excessive amount of salt, butter, oil, dessert, cake, chips, sugar, these all fall in the group of harmful items for our health. Instead of this, we need to eat more greens vegetables, fruits and milk to maintain a properly balanced diet. Maintaining the food cycle and sleep cycle of our body is very important like the importance of not eating junk food. Because no matter how much we avoid eating junk food, if there is no balance in our life, it becomes impossible to keep one fit. One must exercise regularly foe staying fit and healthy with the reduction in the amount of eating oily foods.

We all are aware what the junk food can do, and we also know that it would not be confined to just a single packet of chips, the frequency of the consumption of junk food will keep on increasing due to its attraction.

Therefore we need to increase our will power in order to stay healthy.

Thank you.

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