A Speech on Teachers Day Celebration

At first I want to say Good morning to all the teachers, my friends and all the dignitaries present here. The light of the world, the hope and light in the dark, the power that gives us the strength to face any hardship is our teacher.

Therefore we celebrate this day as the teacher’s day to show our love and respect to our teacher. On this day we also want to say to them that we are very grateful to them for all those things and those lessons they had given us. They are working each and every day to make sure to help us to become successful in the future.

On this beautiful and very special day, let us take the opportunity to convey our wishes and love to all our teachers, who have given impeccable contribution in shaping us and our future. It is a very special day filled with lots of joy and happiness as students are eagerly looking forward to express their feeling to their teachers how and why they are special to them.

It is my honor to be able to talk about our teachers on this beautiful occasion. Students across the country celebrate this day to pay respect and thank their teachers. Our teachers are the backbone of our society and as well as our country. They try their very best in shaping and building students’ personality and make them a responsible and respectable citizens of the country.

As we all are well about this fact that it is impossible to define the person and word ‘teacher’ as Teachers are not only limited to give knowledge or guiding students in studies but also helping students to take the right path in the long journey of life. Our teachers add value and growth to our character and make us ideal citizens of the country. 

 A teacher always looks at the great impact on the growth, development and wellness of the students and country. We all must agree that teaching is a noble profession from each and every point of view.

We all believe in this saying that teachers are greater than the parents to the children. Parents give birth to a child but the teachers build that child’s personality and knowledge and try to provide a better future. Apart from the studies, teachers stand by our side in our every step to guide, motivate and inspire us to become a better citizen in the future. They give us the most valuable gift of knowledge and wisdom.

From our teachers we get the believe and thoughts, that one day we will be able to return something back into this society. I would like to extend my heartfelt love and gratitude to each and every teacher of our society for their selfless service and unconditional support for all students. We are always grateful to have our teachers in our lives.

I really thank you once again for your time and patience for my speech.

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