165+ Sports Quotes by World Famous Personalities

To become successful in sports, even the most talented and renowned athletes or sports player need to do best at the time of training and competition. When we come across with most successful game player, they were a big influencers.

They were expert at motivating their team. So, it is an obvious that these sports person also have said some amazing motivational and inspiring quotes.

Whether you’re a game player or someone else, these sports sayings helps you to get motivated and encourage you to do work hard toward your goal.

Sports Quotes by World Famous Personalities

  • You should not measure yourself by your accomplishments, but the things you have accomplished with your ability that matters most. – John Wooden
  • It’s not an important to win at the young age, but to develop confident skilled players are important. – Arsene Wenger
  • Follow your passion, everything will take place later. – Holly Holm
  • If you want to prove your sports skills, lose your game first. – Ernie Banks
  • At the time of riding, the only race which you’re currently riding is an important. – Bill Shoemaker
  • Age is a limitation which you set in your own mind. – Jackie Joyner-Kersee

_My mental ability is greater than my physical ability. – Bruce Jenner

_A trophy covered with dust is the best memory last forever. -Mary Lou Retton

_Many of us give up at the last moment when they’re just about to touch the yard line. – Ross Perot

_To get a peaceful future, do something extraordinary now. – Larry Brown

_Stamina, speed, strength, skill and spirit are the five S’c of sports training. Out of this, ‘Spirit’ is the greatest in these skills. – Ken Doherty

_Money can’t help the athlete to run faster, but the hope and dreams can do. – Emil Zatopek

_Athlete’s minute of success is the result of hours of practice and coach’s instructions who pushed a crazy girl. –Mia Hamm

_There is no greater challenge than to prove something. – Terry Bradshaw

_Will to win is nothing to do with wining but a win to prepare to win that’s all required to win. – Paul “Bear” Bryant

_With the help of determination, one can turn any failure to an extraordinary success. – Marv Levy

_People mostly ask me if there is no baseball, then what would I like to do. I reply them, -I wait for spring while staring out the window. -Rogers Hornsby

_A opportunity to play is my favorite part of the game. – Mike Singletary

_To unlock the potential, make continuous efforts. – Liane Cardes

_When better is there, good is not good. – Vin Scully

_Impossible becomes possible with the help of determination. – Tommy Lasorda

_Till right, champions never stops. – Billie Jean King

_You’ve a right to become player. This moment is all about yours. – Herb Brooks

_If you’re not ready to prepare, then you’re ready to fail. – Mark Spitz

_When you’re stuck with more difficulty, you will feel the greatest happiness in victory. – Pele

_It’s not necessary that the most talented person always succeeds in the game, but what’s inside them is matters most. – Brett Favre

_A one who works best, never regret it. – George Halas

_Don’t speak at the time of winning, don’t speak much at the time to lose. – Paul Brown

_It’s all about mind things. When you think, you can then you can, when you think you can’t, then you can’t. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

_It doesn’t matter how much odds are against you, always do your complete effort. – Arnold Palmer

_Before doing great things, expect them from yourself first. – Michael Jordan

_Fear and reward can be the best source of motivation, but the lasting this is self-motivation. – Homer Rice

_Enjoy your peaceful time, get some rest, but it’s only when you realize that you’ve given the one hundered percent to win or lose. -Gordie Howe

_When you get a hard training then you’re not just become hard, but hard enough to beat by others. – Herschel Walker

_Team motivation is not important, What important is to be prepared it well with confidence so that they could perform better in the field. – Tom Landry

_People treat another person as your biggest opponent. It’s a human nature. – Bobby Knight

_Whatever your mind thinks, you’re able to get it. –Ronnie Lott

_You always find an excuse to not to win if you’re not confident. – Carl Lewis

_Obstacles are not the stoppage. When you come across the wall, don’t turn back, but try to find out the ways to climb it or to bring yourselves out of it. – Michael Jordan

_Everyday is the chance to make it into a masterpiece. – John Wooden

_Excellence comes from doing something better gradually. – Pat Riley

_Win or lose, but don’t give up. – Cameron Trammell

_You can’t run if you’ve everything under control. – Mario Andretti++++

_Keep working, everything will get better with time. – Ted Williams

_Mistake are the best thing to learn. Accept it, take lessons from it and forget it. – Dean Smith

_Better to push yourself on a repeated basis. Until the final buzzer buzz, don’t take your step back. – Larry Bird

_Don’t let impossible things take your time which is required to do possible things. – John Wooden

_Although, will is important to win a battle, but will to prepare for winning is more important. – Joe Paterno

_It’s all about size of the heart not the size of man. – Evander Holyfield

_Commitment has two options- IN or OUT. There is no in between things. – Pat Riley

_When someone gets up at the moment of giving up then he is called a champion. – Jack Dempsey

_You can’t be called loser if you’re still trying. – Mike Ditka

_Remember, Failure and rejection is the beginning of success. So, never ever give up. – Jim Valvano

_Gold medal do not consist a gold, but the sweat, determination and courage. – Dan Gable

_When talent doesn’t work, hard work takes its place and bring wonderful results. – Tim Notke

_Person who carries the spirit of never quieting is hard to beat. – Babe Ruth

_Hard battle often comes with sweet results. – Les Brown

_Don’t give importance to fears, it’s just a state of your mind. – Michael Jordan

_You’re not able to achieve anything if you wouldn’t take a first step. – Wayne Gretzky

_You’ve a life ahead you. Every new day is a big opportunity to finish pending task. – Tom Landry

_Desire to achieve big things is the most important step in success. – Vince Lombardi

_I’ve tasted failure that’s because I’ve succeeded. – Michael Jordan

_It’s not about how many times you fell down, it’s all about how many times you get up when you fell down. -Vince Lombardi

_Self- discipline is the secret of success. – Lou Holtz

_Success comes when preparation and opportunity collaborate. – Bobby Unser

_Whether it’s baseball or business, there are three kinds of people, those who works and make it reality, those who looks at what is happening,and those who are amazed to see what is happening. –Tommy Lasorda

_Everything is unlimited. When you dream more, you get more. – Michael Phelps

_I’m thankful for all those who have give vote for me. Those who did not give a vote, I’m grateful for them too. – Shaquille O’Neal

_I’m not stressed about the difficulties. I’m stressed about the solution. – Shaquille O’Neal

_If failure makes you an afraid, success is not your cup of tea. – Charles Barkley

_Staying on the top is more difficult than to reach there. – Mia Hamm

_If you’re not courageous to take risks, you will never accomplish anything in life. – Muhammad Ali

_If you’ve something, don’t hesitate to give. Those who give, gain more. – Steve Prefontaine

_Run, Walk or Crawl, But don’t quit. That’s matters most. – Dean Karnazes

_Journey matters, not results. – Carl Lewis

_We’re our own competitors. During the battle, My mind keeps asking me–Who will be the second or Who will be the third? – Noureddine Morceli

_Winning doesn’t bless you with strength, but struggle brings the real strengths in you. – Arnold Schwarzenegger

_You do not build character with sports, but you reveal it. – Heywood Broun

Although, cancer can make me physically weak, but it can’t do anything with my mind, heart and soul. These three things will remain with me forever. – Jimmy Valvano

_I’m not interested to be the next Michael Jordan but only a Kobe Bryant. – Kobe Bryant

_I can do anything to make my team win, whether to sit on a bench or passing a water to other team members or are hitting a winning shot. Kobe Bryant

_If you want to do valuable thing then go and motivate others. Influencing people in doing what they really want to do is a great thing. – Kobe Bryant

_You get rewarded because of your work. No one can achieve anything in life with shortcut. – Michael Jordan

_I’ve spent daily 4 hours on practice. People generally say they practiced for 10 hours. But, It doesn’t sounded me a much because their hours includes lunch breaks, massage and many more. When I was at work, my 4 hours was all about work. – Michael Johnson

_I try to do things better every day. – Ray Lewis

_Greatness comes from doing small things perfectly. – Ray Lewis

_People says I’ve an attitude. What I think, Everyone should have some ego, not to bring down others, but to trust on yourself when no one has trust on you. It is when you become a winner. – Venus Williams

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_Pain may affect your for an hour, a minute, a day or a year, but something will substitute at some point. But if you give up on things, It will last forever. – Lance Armstrong

_Apart from winning games, a champion needs an extraordinary motivation. – Pat Riley

_To meet the new people, pick up a golf ball in a wrong way. – Jack Lemmon

_Finding good player is not a big deal, but make them united as a team is a big thing. – Casey Stengel

_It’s all about competing yourself, to be better every day than before. – Steve Young

_You may have many qualities inside you. The first one you have a will to win. – Bob Richards

_A champion does not focus on the particular practice, particular competition or particular performance. They always try to become better day by day. – Briana Scurry

_Although, winning is not everything but it has a potential top beats anything. – Paul Bryant

_You need to be patient. Be quick but don’t rush. – Earl Monroe

_I always teach kids, some may win or some may lose. There is no need to fight for it, just try to get better. – Yogi Berra

_I don’t need anyone’s permission, I can move when I want to move. – Floyd Mayweather

_Challenging things brings a change in you. – Fred Devito

_I’ll do extraordinary things today to accomplish great in the future. –Jerry Rice

_Champions are not found in gyms. Champions are something else, are the result of desire, dream and vision. –Muhammad Ali

_No one can judge you on the basis of efforts you took because it remain only between you and you. –Ray Lewis

_It’s not about gender, It’s about hard work. . –Geeta Phogat

_In my struggling period, I begin early and work till nights. After 17 years and 114 days of hurdles, I would able to get an overnight success. . –Lionel Messi

_Convert all the thrones into milestones which people thrown at you. . –Sachin Tendulkar

_I get strength from your love, your hate makes me unstoppable. . –Christiano Ronaldo 

_After missing 9000 shots, get failed in 300 games, 26 times I’ve tried game winning shots, but failed in that too. I’ve failed many times, frequently, day by day in my life. Probably, these efforts brought me a wonderful results and I become successful. –Michael Jordan

_The most valuable  thing in my life-Winning. First I need to breath, after that I need to win. -George Steinbrenner

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