A Speech on “Why Is Starting Small Important?”

All of you must have high aims and ambitions for your future. You will all go into different fields and I am sure that you will turn out to be successful in all your ventures. I am here to give you a small tip and to explain why it is very important. The thing that you should keep in mind before you begin is that you should start small. Make plans for development in the future. If you look at the lives of successful people, you can always see that they started small. Most successful businesses like Amazon, Apple, Dell, etc. have started small. This is what gave them the momentum and motivation to achieve greater heights. 

Look into your own life. Would you enjoy doing heavy work spending a lot of time and energy for a long period? It makes you tired and you lose interest. Also, if there is high resistance and things don’t turn out to be good for you after putting so much effort, chances are that you may give up on it. So start small. Do little in your first few months. When you see success in that, it will motivate you to do better and to contribute more.

Set small targets at first which you are sure you will be able to achieve. You don’t have to challenge yourself in the beginning. No matter how much knowledge you have gained from your education and research, you need the experience to excel in a field. You can attain this experience only by working. If you work too much and don’t yield good results at first, it will always remain in your mind and your future plans will be affected by this. 

Do not overwhelm yourself at the start. You cannot become a millionaire on your first day, week, or month. Your goals have to be achieved through persistence and hard work. Once you start your journey, you will be able to discover various aspects of it and will be able to understand the problems that come as a part of it and how to solve it effectively. Bill Gates has rightfully quoted, “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”. Starting small also increases your confidence and gives you the correct rhythm and momentum.

When you start small, your chances of succeeding are very high. The more you succeed, the more confident and interested you will be in your business or your field of work. Also, you will not have much to lose as you will have very little at stake when you start small. 

Most of you must be thinking you have always heard that you have to think big to achieve big. Definitely, you have to think big, but you need to have a clear plan. When you execute your plans, you need to start small, and then expand it later to achieve your dreams. Good luck!

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