Should Students Get Paid for Getting a Certain Gpa? – Speech

Parents wish well for the children and also want them to attain good grades and better education than what they received, for that they keep arranging all the possible opportunities that can be grabbed. Today, most of the schools provide cash prizes to those who attain good scores in their semesters, or annual exams.

This idea was welcomed with wide open arms by many students, but following such a system could be a bad influence on them. In my opinion, though giving out prize money could increase the interest in studying, this should not be carried on as it could never benefit over the child’s better future. Money can bring a really bad influence on kids who might use it wrong but it could be of huge help for those who struggle to arrange it for their basic needs. 

Let me put down a few reasons why getting paid or receiving prize money when attaining a certain GPA could be a bad influence on children;

No guarantee over the use of this money. Young kids when exposed to money without watching over them might use this money for unwanted purposes or might put themselves into bigger troubles. It is our responsibility as elders to teach them the value of money, the importance of saving, and to avoid bad traps. The world is widely exposed to all kinds of bad habits like smoking, drinking, and drug use which can be easily attractive for our children if they are given money to spend as they wish.

Children won’t realize the essential importance of learning. The world is filled with many pieces of information spread all across the globe, around, and within us to learn. Schools are places where we are directed with some help to learn this information and grab good knowledge for leading a better life.

When students start to gulp just for the sake of this prize money, they would lack the actual ability to understand the value of the piece of information that they just learned. More than learning they always look for what is in it for them, giving them the ideology that learning is just a process to earn money. 

Eventually starts to avoid attending classes. If blindly gulping up just for the exam can be done from home itself, then why struggle to come to school will be the attitude that students make up in their minds. They will miss out on the fact that lessons are not learned just through books and gulping up, it’s all in the way of living too which includes going to school as an important factor.

Never beneficial for a long-term problem. Students willing to learn will keep winning, which might lose other student’s interest in studies. This raises a habit of bribery in our children.

Prize money is another form of bribery over kids, which is teaching them a manipulative attitude. Let’s not pay them to learn, let them feel, experience, and explore to learn to reach good heights.

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