A Speech on “Students Should Be Able to Listen to Their Mp3 Players During Class”

Music has proven to show wonders in many fields. Using music in classrooms can both be interesting and distracting depending on how it is used. We all do come across many people who prefer listening to music while studying or do other activities. Various studies have been tested in many schools which did show positive results in terms of mood, higher creativity and speed on which a work is done.

Practically music works well on creating a good positive mind. Although it is potentially difficult to allow music to be played inside the classrooms, it does come with many benefits. It depends upon the type of music like; Jazz, this slow rhythmic music generates a pleasing environment allowing to move with the beat and do the work with more fun and increased creativity. It can also create a happy atmosphere for those children facing some hard times at home, or troubling days in general.

Classical, works well to create a soulful atmosphere. Upbeat music gets control over the speed of work; the faster the beat, faster the work is done. Other than these it does allow children to avoid other matters around them like, bothering others, texting and talking between classes and relieve them from a lot of stress. Music always soothes the surrounding and spreads a positive vibe. 

In some studies, silence in classrooms shows better productivity and result. From most researches it is found that music allows the children to concentrate in their studies to score higher. Even though these research shows silence works well, it should always depend upon the teacher and her way of teaching to decide when and how to use MP3 players. It is best to use music for five minutes before every core class for an active class of students, and continuous music during creative and practical classes for new ideas and speed up projects.

In the current educational system, a psychologist plays a vital role to have a track on every child’s mind and family atmosphere to make sure students who have a hard time are given special care and support by the teachers. Our teachers should be more likely to be like friends with whom we can share our darkest times. With a slight initiative from our teachers and these psychologists, bringing music into classrooms can help such students ease their pain and focus more, creating a peaceful atmosphere in their own classrooms.

Music could be the medicine to treat the minds of our students to get their works done faster and in a more productive manner. It may also be a reason to change a child’s attitude towards school, making them love to come over, rather give up simple reasons to avoid coming or bunking classes. So, for a better schooling atmosphere, more teachers should consider letting music into their classes. It is always fun to have an active and positive classroom full of students eager and excited to learn more and new lessons.

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