Loss Of Job: 50+ Heartfelt Sympathy Messages

When a person loses a job, it is one of the most significant losses in life and can completely depress a person’s morale. Being fired or downsized is a genuinely bad feeling and hence needs to be well taken care of so that the person fired can get back to life and fight back harder.

Your wishes should be ones that would instill hope and motivation to drive that person to his/her next job. It is to be understood that jobs are not permanent and if there is skill and talent then there are a host of opportunities that are available in the market. Use the following sympathy messages to convey to a person who has lost a job.

Here are Heartfelt Sympathy Messages for Loss of Job

– I have all confidence on your abilities and skill. Hence, do not feel low and you will soon get a much deserving job.

– Anything that happens happens for the best. I hope this event takes you to something far better. Trust on your capabilities.

– Everything that happens to us is a part of god’s greater plan. With your loss of job, something big is planned to take place in your life. Think positive and proceed with your head held high.

– I’m really sorry at your los of job and I hope God soon brings to you better and bigger opportunities which are destined for you in life. Stay positive and keep hunting for your brand new job.

– Jobs are a part of life but they are not your entire life. Do not be broken on this loss and look ahead for the better days to come in life.

– A man of your talent and skill will get far better than jo position than the last one. I have no doubt on your credibility and hence sure of your bigger success coming in life.

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– As you lose this job, it is time that you realize your worth and achieves what you are meant to in life.

– You were one of the best co workers I had and I will miss your company. I don’t need to know why we lost you but the only thing that i know is that you will soon get something that is even bigger and better.

– Your biggest strength is your character and hence there cannot be any reason why you should be broken. This loss of job will open up bigger opportunities in front of you and get you what you always deserved.

– I have lost trust in the entire organization after I see the most deserving and accomplished person losing his/her job. I truly wish that you soon get the lucky break.

– Every good thing has to come to an end. This job was good for you but as it ends I sincerely believe that a better prospect awaits you in life. All the best for the future buddy.

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– I know you had bigger dreams which were stuck due to this job and now that you have lost it I am sure that you are going to achieve all those and make us proud. Do not stay broken and hunt for the best that it yet to come your way.

– After the loss of your job, I offer you the job of being my friend rather than a colleague! The working hour i completely flexible and trust me you are the most eligible person for this. Cheer up mate and get that dream job of yours!

– As they say that time is the most valuable resource, now you are the richest person! Use the time wisely and brush up for an exciting career ahead with a brand new job.

– Head up and forget this bummer that you lost this job. The market out there is in need of people like you and hence there will be a host of opportunities available for you!

– If you are thinking that losing this job means that you have lost your career path, you are wrong! Think of the bigger picture and know that your career is all set to go sky-high from here on.

– Now you have the job of looking for a job! Do great at it and end up with a job that is far better than the one you lost. Life is full of opportunities and hence you should always stay motivated and cheered up.

With such words, you can soothe the person and make him/her feel a lot better. Losing out on a job does open up a whole lot of possibilities and the wishes mentioned above will surely convey this message to the person.

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Setbacks are the ritual of life but a true winner is the one who would set all this aside and move ahead with confidence and motivation!

Let them know what they are capable of and make them feel motivated to go out and hunt for a better job. Your words can be a healer to the person so choose them wisely!   

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