89+ Sympathy Statuses for WhatsApp That You Love

Losing someone is one of the most painful experiences. However, it can be very difficult to express empathy in words, because in the event of a catastrophe, you need to use and choose the right words to convey your message without being misunderstood.

We have listed some messages of sympathy for you, which you can send your friends in need. 

Best WhatsApp Statuses and Messages on Sympathy

 -I am deeply saddened by the loss you and your family have suffered. 

 -Condolences to you and your family. May heaven give you the peace you have been looking for. 

 -I hope that my mourning will comfort you, and my prayers will alleviate the pain of your sudden loss. 

 -I pray for your loss in the darkest moment of your life; I will be by your side. 

 -I pray to you and your family to ease and alleviate your inner pain.  

 -I know exactly how you feel now; remember, I am just a phone call, in case you need someone.

-I want you to know that my family and I are by your side. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help, especially during this painful time. 

 -I pray that the love and care of others will comfort and support you and help you through the days to come. 

 -May the Lord God grant you and your family much-needed rest during this painful period. 

 -Please allow me to express my condolences to you; the earth may lose a good person, but heaven will get a good soul. 

 -The news of her death reached us and hurt my family. 

 -May the Lord God comfort you and your family in your greatest pain of losing someone.

-I pray your soul and heart find peace and comfort.

-I wanna express my feeling, compassion for your damage. 

-It’s tough to share condolences with a hurt family.

-I realized that when the memory of people we love becomes treasure as the person becomes a memory.

-I pray to God, he will unveil you from difficult times and heal you over time.

-When we love someone deeply, they don’t go away but step with us every day. 

-In reality, each moment of our life steps towards death slowly.

-Loss of someone leaves a heartache that nobody can treat.

-I never met someone like him. I wish to get him as my BFF next birth as well. 

-Society must teach us to embrace pain and lit it as fuel to our journey.

-My heart breaks out into pieces for your time of misfortune. 

Sympathy Whatsapp

-Loving memories that we hold never fades away.

-We cannot dim the light of emotion in our heart even years after the loss.

-There’s no goodbye for you in my heart. You will always be where you were.

-It’s about the intensity of life, not the season of life. 

-Earth can never express the sorrow that Heaven cannot cure.

-Tears during sympathy are the holy water. Let it flow.

-A lady’s lethal weakness is to aspire circumscription and sympathy.

 -People leave others behind to live in their hearts forever.

-My tears are my silent expression of sorrow. 

-People who have special space in our lives and heart can never leave us.

-A world with less sympathy and compassion would face great trouble.

-Grief is our pride for the person we lost, the person we love.

-I keep thinking of you throughout the sorrowful times. Take my sincere sympathy.

 -Compassion is two hearts towing at a single shell. 

-By losing someone you love, you get more angels beside you!

Sympathy Whatsapp

Heartfelt WhatsApp Statuses and Messages on Sympathy

-The person we love will never be ignored; as long as there is a memory, she will live in our hearts. 

-I wish you strong today and hope tomorrow. 

-I believe that tears can be healed, memories can be comforted, and I will always keep her in my prayers. 

-The loss seems immeasurable, but the love left behind may also seem immeasurable. 

-These are the little things we will remember, although it is difficult now, remembering the happy times will become a tool to prevent pain. 

-Please accept my condolences and know that I am by your side. 

-May the care and love of those around you bring you comfort and peace, so that you can spend the days to come. 

-Words may not be enough to express my deep sadness for the death of your loved one. 

-May the love around you comfort you and keep you strong in the difficult times ahead. 

-We share your pain with love and friendship. Our condolences. 

-A kind heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched countless lives cannot stop but live with the person it loves. 

-The people we love do not go; they walk by our side in our hearts and memories. 

-Words cannot describe how sorry I am for your loss. Our condolences. 

-Losing the one we love is irreplaceable, but life will continue. We must live for the one we love. 

-I am deeply sorry to hear of your tragic loss. My sincerest condolences. 

-I am deeply saddened to hear the news of your dog’s death! His dead soul will be in my prayers. 

-May God be with you in your pain. I express my condolences for your great loss. 

-I still can’t believe it. I am sorry for your loss. 

-We express our condolences and prayers to you and your family. We will miss her very much. 

-May God give you the strength to face the loss. My dear, I extend my condolences to you and your family. 

-You are the true hero of your people. You are gone, but your legacy will remain among us. Rest in peace. 

-It is so tragic that so many excellent souls were killed in an accident! My sincerest condolences! 

-She is a wonderful woman. I will always remember how wonderful she is. I express my condolences for her death. 

-For this major loss, I would like to express my condolences to you and your family. God bless your father. Stay safe. 

-We express our deepest condolences for the loss of our dear colleague. Rest in peace! 

-When you experience the hardest time in life, I am with you deep in my heart. Don’t give up hope. God has a better plan for each of us. 

-I am sorry to hear about your loss today. I want you to know that I will be with you and your family always.  

Sympathy Whatsapp

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