A Speech on “Technical Training Is Better than A College Degree.”

First point can be the time duration of the two modes. A bachelor’s degree mainly requires four years to complete, meaning that people who start the job after completing their bachelor’s degree aren’t doing so good till the age of 22 or above. That means losing some years from a person’s study-life and also professional career.

Another problem can be the cost. Research conducted some institutions, showed that the average rate of a bachelor’s degree in the United States can be $127,000, therefore nearly 70% of students  have to ask for loans to help pay their fees for school.

 Some people are not prepared for the problems and hard-works of the long term four-year college. For many students, college can be considered as their very first experience of  staying separate from home and, without a proper plan, it’s easy to get distracted. 

Finally: Job prospects for new graduate students may not be as good as they had previously expected. College degrees are a good career investment policy that need a considerable amount of amount of time as well as money , the students who cannot find any good job can see it as a waste of both money and time.

At the starting level, salaries for the graduates of the trade school aren’t that big amount of money to a four-year degree, but this figure can change heavily based on the reputation of the industry and the experience and skill of the worker. 

Whereas another advantageous side of technical trade school is that most of the jobs one can get are really very difficult to export to another nation. More jobs are getting outsourced to many other places where the labor is cheaper, making domestic employment very difficult to get. But in this case, it is much easier to export, for an example, computer programming work or other information related economy work can be easily exported via machines and various technologies rather than it is to export carpentry or some sort of electrical work, as that specially needs a physical presence.

In this modern days, there’s also a rapidly growing domestic demand can be found for the special workers with high-precision skills. According to Forbes, the skilled and trade related workers are of an older population, and will always continue to get older, creating many other opportunities for young workers to fill their shoes.

Trade school graduates have limited opportunities to continue to enhance their education. But on the hand, a four-year degree is actually more expensive, and does not suit to everyone’s learning ability and skill set. If you want to learn practically, excited by the chances of getting out of the small-spaced classroom and starting to work right after completing high school, trade school is always a good and inexpensive alternative education that may be very helpful for you.

Therefore take advantage of the technical education to learn more about the recent technological advances and thus enhancing your life.

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