A Speech on “Texting While Driving Is Dangerous,”

Would you ever kick the length of a football field at fifty five miles per hour, when you are blindfolded? Well that is nearly the same thing what you are doing when texting while driving. As per to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, texting while they are sitting behind the wheel takes the driver’s eye off from the road for an average of four point six seconds, which is the enough time it takes to go from one end zone to the other side. Sounds Dangerous right? Extremely fatal? You bet. Now days Texting while driving has successfully replaced the place of drinking and driving as the leading cause of death among teenage drivers.

But the fact is a little different. We can not only blame on teenagers in these case. They are not the only ones who are guilty. As per to a study performed by a reputed organization AT&T, forty nine percent of American adult drivers admitted that they use to text while driving their car. In that same study, more than ninety percent of drivers know that texting while driving is dangerous and that could be deadly for their life.

So the question is why are we still doing the texting while driving thing? Specialists believe that we compulsively check on our phones because every time we get an alert on our phone our brain sends out a signal and that makes us feel happy. So Drivers who text while driving are saying they they will continue to do this because it’s like a habit for them which is bad in our opinion, but they would still like to stay connected and it makes them feel more productive.

United states are now implementing strict rules on texting while driving laws and public service like AT&T’s campaign and  It Can Wait that we are working hard to educate the adults and the teens on the dangers and consequences of texting while driving.

There are some stats and tips on how we can stop our texting while driving habit. For an example, if we do not send or react to a text message while sitting behind the wheel or at a red light and doing so is what puts you and others at risk and it can go even be against of the law. The best but hard option turns off your phone and put it in your pocket or wallet and only uses it when you reach to parking or the car is in park already.

Always stay focused on the road while you are driving is not a new advice but still we need to remind it to you in order to stay safe. Tell them to stop and speak out at least for yourself if not for that person if you are in the car with someone who is texting behind the wheel. Last but not least Spread to the word and educate people that texting while driving is a dangerous thing and promote safety of not texting while sitting behind the wheel in your community.

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