Thank you for Job Messages to Boss: 35+ Messages to Share

When someone gets a job, it’s probably the best feeling ever. The day a person receives his appointment letter, it becomes one of the most memorable days in his life. So, if you have recently got a new job, you got to thank your boss for it. The boss definitely deserves some words of gratitude. You can acknowledge him about how happy you are after getting this job, and also thank him for having faith in your abilities.

Such a letter of gratitude can make your Boss happy. The boss has a great role in almost all aspects of your work. He is the one who controls the entire working process. So maintaining a good relationship with him can help you get a good position in the office and also may lead you to stand chances to get promotions:

Here are some “thank you for the job” messages for your boss:

  • Respected boss, I still can’t believe that my appointment letter is in my hands. Thank you very much!
  • Sir, this is my humble gratitude to you for trusting my abilities and offering me this job.
  • Respected Sir, words will fall short to express my happiness after receiving my appointment letter. Thank you!
  • Today is my first day at the office. Thank you, Sir, for providing me with the opportunity to serve this company.
  • As I woke up this morning, I thanked you in my mind before anything else, for trusting me and giving me this job. This is my dream job and I promise to do my best and make you proud.
  • Respected Sir, I still can’t believe that now I have become a part of this company. Thank you for hiring me and for giving me such a reputed post.
  • Hello Sir, as this is my first day at work, I would like to first thank you for this job. Lastly, would humbly request you to always be my guide. I am pleased to have you as a mentor as I know you are the best!
  • I can’t find enough words to express my happiness for this job. This is the job I was dreaming for years. Finally got to fulfil my dream. Thank you very much for letting me in.
  • Thank you would be a very small phrase to say how extremely grateful I am to you for hiring me for this post. I just want to let you know that you have given me the best gift of my life by hiring me for this company.

-Thank you, Sir. Thank you for everything. I am utterly grateful and honored by the post you have given me. Hence, I promise to serve my best to this company and I believe I can make you proud.

-Thank you very much for allowing me to become a part of this reputed company. I have always dreamt for such a job. Thank you for fulfilling my dreams.

-It feels so great when hard work actually pays off. I would like to thank you with all my heart for believing in me and giving me the chance to serve you. I promise I will never let you down.

-Being a part of this company, getting blessed with an erudite guide and mentor like you, being in such a respected position, everything stills feels like a dream. Thank you very much for everything.

-Good morning, before beginning my first day at the office today, I would like to thank you from the core of my heart. You can trust me as I promise to never let you down.

-As I have got this job, I am going to start an entirely new phase of my life. A big fat thanks to the man behind everything. Can’t be enough grateful Sir.

-Thank you very much, Boss, for having faith in what I have got and thank you for acknowledging my efforts. I am sure to make you proud and I promise to give my best in all aspects.

-I can’t be grateful enough for giving me the chance to work with you. Thank you very much. I am eagerly looking forward to learn from you.

-I have been getting goosebumps since this morning as this is my first day at my dream office. Thank you for considering me deserving enough for this post. I will never let you down, Sir.

-With the appointment letter in my hand, regarding my dream job at my dream company, I am feeling like I am on cloud nine at this moment. All thanks to you Sir. Thanks for believing in me.

-Words are not enough to quantify how grateful I am to you for having faith in me and giving me the reputed post. I promise to give my 100% in all the aspects I get to work.

-Respected Boss, besides my hard work, it is you who made me reach where I am today. Thank you very much for your belief in me.

-Thank you very much for everything you did for me. I can’t keep repeating it over and over again but if I could, I would have said it for thousand times to express how thankful I am to be a part of this organization.

-After so much efforts and massive hard work, finally, it is time to reap the rewards. Thank you for choosing me as a part of this company. I still feel it is a dream.

-Good morning Boss, as I am going to start my day at work today, I would like to thank you for letting me stand a chance to live my dream. I am blessed to be a part of this organization.

-Dear Boss, I feel like I am the luckiest one on earth today as I have got the chance to be a part of this reputed organization. I am blessed to have a mentor like you. Thanks for everything.

-Respected boss, thanks for making me believe in the phrase that hard work really pays off. I am grateful that you have considered me deserving enough for such a responsible role.

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