45+ Best Thank you Messages for the Stay

Have you ever been hosted by someone when you were in a different city, in need for a place to crash, in time of need, or for simply a vacation. It is a privilege to be hosted by someone.

They allow you not only to their homes but also share a part of their lives with you in the process. Here are some hank you messages that you can write to your hosts and show them how grateful you are. 

Thank you Messages for the Stay

  • Our holidays would have  not been so great without getting to spend time with you people. Thank you for showing us around and for your care and kindness while we were staying at your place. We will be glad to return the favour some day. 
  • You came through for us at the time we were clueless about what to do. We cannot say enough to thank you for letting us stay with you for the time our home was being furnished. 
  • You shared you home for a week with us when our accommodation booking fell through. In the hour of need you open your doors for us. Thank you so much for this kind gesture and making all arrangements in such a short notice. 
  • I did not expect to gel up so well with your mom but her affection filled my heart with so much joy that I am still overwhelmed. 
  • I know how difficult it becomes for any one to accommodate such a large family at your place. Ours was loud and messy 24/7. Still you never complained about it and words cannot express how grateful I am for the stay. 

_ Thank you for hosting my parents when I had to suddenly move out of town for work purposes. They cannot stop talking about how kind and welcoming you had been. You are one gem of a person. 

_ It felt that nothing has really changes between you and me. We picked up from where we left. Thank you so much for letting me stay over during the family reunion. 

_ Staying with you was far way better than staying at some hotel. So thank you for letting me stay with you for the time I was in your town for business trip. You do not have to book a hotel when you come to visit my town. 

_ Having a friend who steps up in your time of need is a blessing. You let us stay with you when our bathroom was getting renovated.  Though we had made some preparations but you did not let us stay at that shabby place. 

_ Our trip would not have been so great if you would have not asked us to stay with you. That overnight stay let us made so many amazing memories. 

_ The scent of fresh flowers and the pleasant atmosphere at your home made the environment so serene. We are going to miss your banana cookies and pineapple smoothies. Thank you for you love and care and for letting us stay at your place. 

_ Your beach facing guestroom and your beautiful house just won my heart. Your warmth and hospitality will always linger in my heart. We should do this spending weekends together more often. 

_ The moment we arrived at your place till the moment we left you treated us with such royalty and warmth. Thank you so much for the sweet gesture and your kindness. 

_ We can not wait to spend another vacations with you. We are in awe of the beautiful memories we made during our stay. Thank you so much for the love, care and hospitality. 

_ Everything you served was delicious and amazing from starters to the desert. I hope we have more of such beautiful weekends. 

_ We just got carried away from the beautiful atmosphere of your home. It gives such positive and good vibes that we felt so refreshing  and calm. Thank you so much for you hospitality and warmth that you provided us when we stayed at your house. 

_ You guys are most generous and considerate hosts I have ever come across. It had been such a wonderful experience staying at your place for a week. I hope I can offer you same amount of warmth when you come to my city next time. 

_ All the members of your family are so warm and loving. I have never felt so much like home outside my city. You are gem of a person to help me in such a hard time. 

_ You have a fantastic place. The aura of your home is so spiritual that it feels like a retreat. 

_ Each and every room you have decorated so well that I cannot stop admiring everything. You made our holidays so memorable that I fall short of word to thank you. 

_ Every one in your home is so welcoming that I did not even for a moment felt out of place. And your mother’s affection just filled my heart with so much joy. 

_ Thank you for giving us treat that we could not even dream of and letting us stay over. 

_ The time spent with you had been a memorable one. I am never going to forget your hospitality and warmth. Please let me know when you visit my town, I could take the opportunity to welcome you. 

_ With you I have had one of the best weeks of my life. thank you so much for taking me around and spending so much time with me. Your generosity and simplicity just won my heart. 

_ We immensely enjoyed your company last week.  You guys made our trip so much fun and way more memorable but the stay at your place. Thank you so much for the love, care and warmth. 

_ We have had the coolest moments in last two days. It was fun hopping around and making memories. 

_ Thank you so much for such yummy food and the most comfortable beds. The stay at your place has been the most wonderful one. I am amazed the way you managed to arrange so much at such a short notice. Thanks again for the love, care and hospitality. 

_ The holidays had been so relaxing for us because you had been so accommodating and friendly. I do not have enough words to describe how grateful we are for you generosity and warmth. 

_ You made us feel like VIP during our visit. It is the best hospitality that I have ever received. Thank you so much for making us feel that special. 

_ Everything that we did this week was more than amazing. Be it the shopping, bar hopping, hogging at different places or watching sunsets. 

_ I cannot express how much I am thankful for arranging everything so well at the last moment. We would have been in such a mess if you would have not let us stay at your place. You are one gem of a person. 

_ This weekend staying with you guys had made our monotonous life exciting again. Thank you so much for that game night and morning hiking. We really needed that kind of a break. 

_ I am grateful that you let us stay at your place and made such good and comfortable arrangements for our stay. Thank you so much for helping us in our bad times and showing us your hospitality and care. 

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