35+ Best Brand Launch Party Invitation Wording Ideas

When any company is coming up with a new product, the one that they want the most is exposure. They try to publicize the event to the max so as to gain marketing benefits and increase their sales unit.

These products need to reach out to the maximum number of people and this is why the new product launch parties are essential for brands. It is with these events, they can showcase their products to the world in a better manner.

Some of the most creative and amazing invitation wording ideas that you can use for your new Brand launch party are mentioned below-

Brand Launch Party Invitation Wording Ideas

– It has been years of hard work and we have finally made it here. Come and join the new brand launch party on (date) and (time)

– Innovation has been the driving force of our business from the day of its inception. We have come up with something extremely new in the market and cannot wait to show it to you. Please be there

– It is sheer joy to be working with an R&D team that thrives to make it big every time they are out on any project. Our new product will surely take you by surprise. Come and witness for yourself on (date).

– It has been a complete year since the last time we had launched a new product from our brand. The wait is worth it as we come up with the most innovative (Brand name) in the market till date. We cordially invite you to join the launch party on (date). 

– We have finally made ends meet with each other! It has been quite a while since we have made all the efforts to spring this gem of a product in the market. Let’s come together and witness how it unveils for the people in (date) and at (venue)

– Nothing feels better than being able to send out these new product launch invitation to the people who have stood by us throughout and given us honest feedback on what we make. Please come and make the event special on (date).

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 – This time around, we have to bend the rules of gravity and have tried something that is absolutely new and fresh. Intrigued?? Come and see for yourself on the (date) and (venue). We are happy to host you always

 – Happiness is when we bring our new product out in the market and it already creates a hysteria pre-launch. Come and check out what we have in store for you this time around. We won’t let your expectations down

 – Leaving everything behind, this is a new start for our (name of the product) line and we are happy to have taken steps to come with nothing but the best for our customers. Here’s the date and you are invited to the launch party.

 – As we inch closer to the official new product launch party, our team is all nervous on what response they will get from the people. Deep down we are confident to see a smile of astonishment on the faces of each of those who witness our new offering. Please be there!

 – Plastic money is a thing of the past. What’s new? Well, let the curtains remain closed now as we plan to pop a massive surprise on the (date) for our invitees. Make sure you reach on time for the launch.

 – This invitation goes out to each and every stakeholder of (company name) in order to invite them to the brand new product launch party of (product name). Without you all, this won’t have been possible.

 – Life is all about changes and hence we have decided to change things big time now! Witness the biggest product launch of our (leader brand). Date and time are attached with the envelope below.

– The event is as grand as it gets and the setup will give you hints of what we are coming up with now!! Be on the new product launch event soon or else you will miss out on the fun part. We are waiting for you to witness it. 

– Keep calm and wait for just a few more hours as we move closer to the unveiling of our new product at (event) with esteemed guests arriving. You are expected to come right on time.

– It is as grand as it gets and this is why we want you to be present as we celebrate the coming of our new product on the (date). Do come to (venue) and be a part of the experience from the team (company name). 

– The best part about holding the new product launch party is watching people going gaga over the development and each of them loves what they see and hold. Live the party and be a part of the joy on the (date)

– We have taken a step back just to come back harder and better to our customers. Witness the grand unveiling of our new product on the (date) at (venue). We have great food and hospitality waiting for you! 

– On the (date), you are cordially invited to the new product launch party of (company name). We will be honored to have you on board for the day and hence please be there. 

– It has been quite some time since we have all come together for a blast! Our R&D team has got a new reason for us to come together and celebrate. Cheers to the event on (date) and we arse happy to have you! 

– Keep aside all your work for the day on (date) and make yourself ready to visit the grand product launch of (company name). We have only got better and bigger and hence we are inviting you for the launch 

– We have great wine, great food, great music, and yes a great new product for future generations! What is it? Come and see for yourself on (date) and at (venue)

– Specs have become better than they were before and hence we are confident than we were ever before! Our new product launch party is about to come on (date) and we can’t keep calm! Do come at (time). 

– You have questions about our recently teased product? Get answers to all of them on the new product launch party on (date) and at (venue). Our experts are happy to answer and we are happy to host you on the day

– Every year, our product launch party is the most hyped event for the entire industry. It is no different this year, come and allow us to host you while you get to check out our brand new product before the entire world does! 

– It is our honor to be inviting you for our new product launch event and it is expected that you would come and make us happier! We will start our launch party at (time) and hence please be there on time. 

– This is something that you really cannot ever miss out on! Come and witness the rise of a new star technology on the (date) from (company name). We will surprise you at the best! 

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– It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be part of the (company name’s) new product launch event. This is your chance and hence please be there as we want you to feel the euphoria! 

What to Write on Brand Launch Party Invitation?

  • Mention that the brand is finally launching
  • Tell everyone that it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Make sure that everyone is present on that day
  • Don’t forget to ask for blessings from elders
  • Don’t let anyone go until the food is served

How do you Respond to Brand Launch Party Invitation?

  • Congratulate on launching a new brand
  • Mention that you are super excited about the product/service
  • Tell everyone that you are looking forward to it
  • Before you leave, don’t forget to shower them with blessings

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