A Speech on “What Do You Think You Will Do when You Grow Up?”

Greetings for the day, I consider it an extreme joy to be here amid this gathering to speak a few words on what I think when I will do when I grow up. This is a thought each and everyone has to encounter  more than once in their life. And I would say  if not anyone else, ask yourself once in a while what do you want to become when you grow up?It will help you to analyze where your life is leading to, whether towards prosperity or hardship. It is always important to have a good lifestyle ,  it is equally important to analyze what should we do to make our life easy

As a child just like any other kid I was as well equally and greatly influenced by comic books, cartoons and so on. I always wanted to become someone who can save the lives of people at times of emergencies. As I grew It became even clearer that the fictional characters cannot be actually real life characters, but also understood that you d

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