A speech on Character in A Book I’ve Read or A Movie I’ve Seen

Movies or books, what would I choose. Let me say friends, I love movies as my all time favourite past time. My usual genres of movies are mostly animation and fictional movies. There is a huge collection of names I would list down when it comes to fictional characters. An actor to perform the role so beautifully is to be appreciated so well. And so the best character I have seen in a Movie will always be: Captain Jack Sparrow, from Pirates of the Caribbean Series. This extraordinary character has entertained us for five long amazing movies. I thank Disney for keeping the franchise of the movie still on. 

I was never a fan of this movie, clearly stating, I would not watch this movie because it looked messy to me at the beginning. It was my brother’s suggestion to give it a try by just watching one of the movies. One fine day, I sat to watch, which only ended watching all the five together. Reason behind was the incredible captain Jack Sparrow. 

Watching the pirate life that we have heard as stories in our childhood come to life was a fun experience through these movies, and there are no words to express my joy I felt watching them. He is a terrific actor, with a hilarious attitude sometimes cracking a loud laughter in anyone who watches him. Throughout this movie, he is a complete pirate (always alive for his love for Rum) and an awesome captain who takes part in all the wildest adventures the prirating word has to offer to him.

Captain Jack Sparrow, is a very unique character in nature with an odd intellect. The way he dresses up – the dreadlock wig with a rock and roll approach, his way of walking – kind of like dancing and hopping at the same time and his style of talking – drags but is clear or so I mean, has it’s own touch of unique beauty. He never thinks properly but is also straight forward, sometimes comes up with ideas that do not make any sense, but actually works, if that really does make any sense.

It is always unexplainable and surprising that how he puts himself into the face of danger and easily skips out too. He always makes me laugh for a few hours, and I forget all my stress and worries. Some of the scenes are unforgettable that me and my little brother keep enacting it to make a funny atmosphere. Mr Sparrow is also one of my parent’s favourites, who are usually not much into movies.

I am also a fan of Johnny Depp, and being a person who has seen all his extreme characters, this was the best. All the characters he played were exquisite roles. Let me say, he is an actor who plays roles out of the box with too much creativity; and I am glad he did this role as Captain Jack Sparrow.

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