A Speech on “What It’s Like to Be Falling in Love.”

Think you are ridding the roller coaster and going downhill, heart started to pound and you can feel ‘something weird’ is happening in your stomach, you are laughing, shouting and crying at the same time with excitement. 

Yes this was what it felt to be in love. Your sleep schedule will mess up and still will have dreams about that person. Oh yes! How can we forget about the random blushing and smiling! Talking to or talking about that person 24/7 and yet not getting bore. Seeing that person once in a day is enough to turn your horrible day in to a shinning one. Getting excited when you see a picture of that person, anxiously waiting the whole time to meet with them. Oh! it’s so magical to fall in love.

So what if you ask what is love? Is it just an attraction towards someone? Or is it the intimacy or attachments you seek in your life? The answer is you can combine them to form the base of love. Love is not only when you are attracted to someone it needs to has the passion and the urge to be with that person. It is a combination of heart and the soul and the mind, not something which can be judged or analysis in a lab under a microscope. It includes a row of feelings, which are wonderful and powerful at the same time. 

It can be an attraction or infatuation when you like that person for a specific reason. But some time you will find yourself having no reason still wants to be with the person? This is when you realize you don’t need any reason anymore to love that person. A person can have perfection and faults within them and that doesn’t bother you at all.

Every 2nd person has their own way of experiencing love. There are thousands of poet and writers who wrote about love in their own way. What is common in their writing is the commitment, the passion towards the person they love. Love gives you the strength to ignore the negatively and find the positivity in the other person.

Having a person with whom you can share everything is blessing. It can be lame joke to career guidance. You will always find a supportive person in your life that will encourage in your hard times and will feel your happiness in your success. 

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