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The Unchain A dog month is observed for the month of January every year. This month is entirely dedicated to spread awareness and promote the need to take care of dogs as pets and to rescue the ones that are chained and kept without proper care and shelter. 

Unchain A Dog Month Messages

– Dogs are known to be man’s best friend, and if we wish to keep one as a pet, it’s a lifelong bond of love and cares to adhere to. Now is the best time to unchain your dogs.

– Unchain A Dog month gives us a chance to save the dogs who do not get this.

– Unchain A dog month aims at saving the dogs that are chained and forced to live in dire conditions; 

– It’s the duty of all people to report such places to proper officials and save the lives of these needy creatures.

– A dog is the most loyal and lovable friend by your side, and it’s our responsibility to reciprocate it to them; taking proper care and giving appropriate freedom is what the Unchain A dog month wants us to follow.

– Dogs are beautiful, loving animals who want to be free and live on the love and friendship shown by humans; keeping them chained and confiscated is stealing their joy, and that is not good.

– Being kept locked or chained, without any freedom for dogs affects them physically and psychologically, leading to illness or even untimely death of these beautiful creatures.  

– The Unchain A dog month is a step to help the needful dogs all around the globe who are chained or do not have proper shelter or are not taken care of and locked.

– The Unchain A dog month makes all the people take the initiative to reach out for help to dogs living in chains in dire conditions and need our serious help.

– There is no better thing to help and get the joy. Now is the time to unchain your dogs.

– The Unchain A dog month also brings out to the knowledge of people about the animal laws put out by animal welfare that keeping dogs chained for a significant amount of time is illegal.

– If you are willing to take a dog as a pet, it is your responsibility to look after it until it’s with you; it’s a bond to be respected and cared for. The Unchain A dog month makes you realize this message.

– The Unchain A dog month spreads out a simple motto to reach out and rescue dogs that live their days chained, locked, and are not taken care of and also to promote the respect and freedom required for these beautiful and loyal animals.

– Celebrate the Unchain A dog month by having dog parties, dog festivals, and let your pet dogs play and roam freely outside.

– The Unchain A dog month is very important to observe, keeping in mind the value of a dog’s life, they are animals, and they need care and freedom that we humans do not have the right to snatch. 

Unchain A Dog Month quotes

-How many legs does a dog have if you call his tail a leg? Four. Saying that a tail is a leg doesn’t make it a leg. 

-Abraham Lincoln

-You kick a dog long enough, that dog is going to bite you or die. 

-Dave Pelzer

-Don’t let the same dog bite you twice. 

-Chuck Berry

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