The World Is Nowhere Near Prepared for Unexpected Dooms and Disasters

A very hearty welcome to each and everyone present. I feel it as a delight to partake in this gathering. On this occasion, I would like to share my views on the topic The world is nowhere near prepared for unexpected dooms and disasters.

An enormous increase in technology with a huge advancement also came to the threat to humans and nature through mankind and natural disasters.

Speaking about the disaster, it can be a man-made disaster like the atomic, nuclear attacks or it can be natural disasters like the cyclone, earthquake, and tsunami.

The question here comes, Is the world prepared to face any such disasters? Every country has forces that respond to such disasters.

There is an emergency relief response with proper training and responsibilities, who respond at the time of any disaster helping people out of the situation and helping to set our life again back to normal.

Though it is not possible to overcome the situation completely, it will help us to retrieve the condition back to maximum possibilities. The world has been anticipating the future in the mixed-up conviction that it will take after the past.

Let us talk about a sudden outbreak of an epidemic, which failed to control at the beginning and will spread to the major part of the country worldwide.

Any calamity will leave a lot of after effects, Let us take an example of a massive earthquake. Though the shivers might be for a few minutes, the disaster it creates is huge, all the debris and the loss of life will have a huge impact on people.

It will take a huge lot of time to overcome these effects. With the high-end technology, it is now predictable the occurrence of a natural disaster based on the changes in the climate and environment.

It has become easy to predict the occurrence of a tsunami, cyclone, floods, warn citizens and move them to safety beforehand to reduce the maximum amount of loss of life. 

As spoken already if there is a sudden outbreak of a disease, it should not be ignored in the initial stages, It should be properly taken caste of and also measures should be taken to stop spreading to more and more number of people.

If it is ignored and strictness is not imposed, this can be carried to the majority of people around and high chances majority of the countries all over the world will be affected, which will later on go out of control resulting in huge loss of human lives and economy.

Though we have improved technology-wise to predict natural occurrences, we are nowhere and cannot predict any man-made disaster. Which also says, we are not prepared to face any such outcomes.

Having said all the possible ways of a disaster, I hope I was able to help you in understanding that, The world is not prepared for any unexpected disasters and their effects.

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