A Speech on “We Should Use More Wind Power”

Wind power offers many benefits, which explains why it is in one of the fastest growing sources of energy in the world. Study efforts are intended for at dealing with the challenges to greater use of wind power in form of energy. Here I will tell you about the Advantages of using Wind Power in our daily life as the main source of energy. But before that you need to know that every single thing on this earth no matter how beneficial they are has some cons too like this wind power.

However, there are more pros than cons. Windmills sometimes can harm wildlife or the ecosystem, for example there windmills can kill bird if they fly on that windmill area. Blades of windmill can really harm bird. Anyway, these are some little problems which we can solve by paying enough attention to them. Actually there are more harmful consequences if we continue to use our regular source of energy what we are using now. That will hurt wildlife and ecosystem more than windmills.

Wind a clean source of fuel that can give us enough energy and Wind energy does not pollute the quality of air and release toxic elements more day by day like power plants that we are relying on now times do by combustion of fossil fuels, for example the coal or the natural gas, which radiate particulate matter like nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide and causing various health problems for human beings and could do serious economic damages too.

We have to remember that Wind turbines do not produce any atmospheric emissions to the environment that cause acid rain, smog, or something like greenhouse gases. Wind power is not only environment friendly but also our pocket friendly because Wind power is very expense effective. Land based utility scale wind is one of those energy, which is lowest priced than other energy sources which are available today.

Wind turbines create new jobs for general public. The wind sector employs of United States more than one lakh workers, and the technician of wind turbines are one of the fastest growing jobs in United States of America. As per, to the Wind Vision Report, wind power will have the possible to benefit more than six million jobs in manufacturing, establishment, supervision, and supporting services by year of two thousand fifty.

Wind is a very reliable power cause it is a domestic source of energy which is not limited like coal or natural gas. The wind supply of the nation is substantial and endless. That means we can use it more and it is not going to get finished. 

This view of a wind plant from the air shows how a group of wind turbines can make electricity for the utility grid and that electricity is sent through dispatch and distribution lines to homes, businesses, schools, and to fulfilll ours every need in daily life.

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