52+ Best Viewing Party Invitation Wording Ideas

In today’s busy world, everyone is engaged in several activities with lots of workload and performance pressure. To loosen up from the daily hustle, the social gathering can prove to be a great way to chill out and ease yourself.

Viewing parties if celebrated with your colleagues and friends can be a source of relaxation and joy. Viewing parties comes with different themes and several arrangements, so setting up the surrounding is very important.

So, to spice up your life here are some proper selection of invitation wordings and ideas to help you set an appealing towards your guests.

What to Write on Viewing party?

  • Mention that the viewing party is finally happening
  • Since, it’s a private party invited one needs to be present
  • Mention it wouldn’t be possible without them
  • Make sure that the party remains a secret
  • Don’t let anyone go until the act is completed

How do you Respond to Viewing Party?

  • Congratulate them on hosting such a great party
  • Mention that you were looking forward to it
  • Try to keep your excitement to yourself
  • Before you leave, shower them with your happiness

Viewing party invitations Wording ideas

  • Tomorrow I am hosting a viewing party at my place, you are requested to join me on (time) and (theme)
  • Get the pleasure like never before, join us for more fun and exciting games on (date) and (venue) and don’t forget to appear in proper (theme) attire
  • Watch sexual movies with us, our friend have decided to join and have some snack at my place on (date) and with (theme), Visit on time
  • Let’s do this party in a wild way, you are requested to join us on this weekend (date) to relax and chill with us
  • Party at my place was never so fun, your friends are invited to join us to take the utmost pleasure on (date) and (venue)

Party in sex in the city theme, you as my special friend is requested to join us for drinks and snacks

Let’s hang something and play some wild games, your presence is a must at my party at (venue) and 9dtae)

We would like your company at my viewing party as I am turning 30 this week and have decided to throw a party as a treat. (data) (venue) (theme)

To enjoy the party in a kinky way, I have organized a viewing party for my friends and would love your company in my party at (venue) and (date)

This time my viewing party is all about kinky stuff, let’s do this in a wild way, your company will be appreciated by the viewing party. (venue) (date) (theme)

Roses are red and violets are blue, it’s all about sexual activities and you. Join us this Friday (date) for exciting games and a wild party

Sensual party on your way, as I am turning 40 this week and organizing a party this Friday (date) and (venue). We would love your company at my party

Take your drinks while watching sizzling activities around you. Please! visit and make sure to be on time. (date) and (venue)

To get the utmost pleasure out of a wild party, join us and enjoy food with us on (date) and (venue)

It doesn’t count unless you go deep, join our friend’s gang and enjoy a wild sexual performance at my place and calm yourself. (date) and (theme)

Roses are red and violets are blue, visit my place at (date), (time) and watch some tied up act with our old friends

Come and devote yourself to the eternal joy of life. Your company will be appreciated by this Friday (date). Don’t forget to come in (theme) dress

To enjoy hamburgers and get pleasure by watching sexual activities, visit my place this Sunday at (time) with (theme)

Live today as if it were your last day, this week (date) to celebrate my 30th birthday. We have planned to throw a viewing party at (venue) and (time)

Let’s get naked and have utmost joy with our friends and colleagues, this Friday a grand viewing will be organized at my place on (date)

Lots of kinky black leather straps are there to play with. Joining us will make yo9u relax and calm. (date) and (venue)

My viewing party will be kinky like a cheap garden hose and your presence will make it happen at (venue) and (date)

Get the awesome experience of adults-only fun with our friends and some special guest at (venue), as I am turning 30 this week (date), your presence is a must

Make your grown-up experience come true this Thursday as I am hosting a viewing party at (venue) and (date). Pick your dress and be on time

As my special friend, I would like you to be present at my viewing party to cheer up your mood, let’s make it a memorable party

Some serious adult surprises are waiting for you, join us and unwind the secrets with us on (date) and (venue)

A blindfolded sensual party will be there at my place, as I am throwing a house warming viewing party on (date). Your presence will help to set up the mood. (Theme)

It’s an adult’s only party with some special guests at my place. So be there on time to unleash the utmost pleasure of life on (date) and (venue)

Lots of wine bottles are waiting as I am throwing a viewing party at (venue) and (date), select your clothing according to the theme 

Some exciting toys will be there with some special guests to make the party more fun. Don’t forget to bring your pillow as there will be a sleepover also at (venue)

There will all-new sets of equipment to play with some special guests, your presence will be missed at (venue) and (date)

This Thursday(date), it’s all about my viewing party and getting kinky with some guests, so be there on time and have fun

Wild and sensual activities are on the way as we are throwing a viewing party at (venue) and your presence is a must at my party on (date)

Select your outfit as you are invited to attend a viewing party on behalf of my birthday at my place. (Date)

We have prepared a good and relaxing time for you and your friends are invited to have fun on (date) and (venue)

To spice up your life with some sensual activities, our old friends have decided for an adult viewing party at (venue), you are invited to set the theme ion (date)

To set my adults viewing party fiery hot and sensual your presence is a must, so, you are requested to be on time. (date) (venue)

To spark my guest’s interest, I have arranged a viewing party with lots of drinks and food, you are requested to be our special guest

There will be feather and boas all around to play with, you and your friend are invited to a special party event

We have chosen you as our special guest as I am hosting an adult’s viewing party at (venue) and(date)

For a pleasing party on the occasion of my birthday, I would like to be surrounded by people like you on (date) and (venue)

Spark up your life as all our friend will be attending my grand viewing party at my place on (date) and you are also requested to attend my party

Mark your calendar as you and your friend s are invited to an adult’s viewing party on this weekend on (date) and (venue)

Keep your evening free as you are invited to attend my viewing party this Friday to make it more fun and happening on (date) and (venue)

Save the date as you are being invited as my special guest to hang out with my friends and enjoy delicious food with my friends on (date) and (venue)

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