A Speech on “We Should Pay More Tax”

Taxes that we are required to pay monthly, quarterly and annually often come to us as an extra burden which we want to brush off from our shoulders. But it is generously to pay properly than to have back taxes, which will trouble us. Taxes have been in validity for thousands of years and will always remain as long as we have a culture.

Clearly, paying tax is a responsibility which we all must live with; nonetheless, it is also relevant to take into appreciation that taxes and other forms of indemnity assessed by the government play a very important role toward the improvement of humanity. Thus, it will only make sense to follow through with the responsibility of paying taxes, no matter how much burden it is to us.

There are so many various types of taxes, but some of the popular ones are value added tax, income tax, back taxes and a lot more. Many people have asked that why they need to pay taxes, while others just do not care about what tax gives them in return.

This essay will clarify to you what tax services are about and why it is very crucial for us to pay your taxes appropriately.

Social welfare and social security are one of the biggest benefits the less freedom, homeless and those who in need enjoy without having to pay back. Taxes over the years have been used to sponsor social welfare batches, which are crucial to society, especially to the needy. Social welfare batches are a must in a healthy society and without taxes; it would not be likely to render such services which provide things on free for needy people.

Government over the years have used revenue from taxes to build health sectors and other institutions that are helpful to humanity, thereby setting a better foundation for the future period. Thus, revenue from taxes goes a long way to enhance the standard of living in a society.

A tax view point of its name is another life source of government maintenance. No government can strengthen itself without the tax we pay. Tax money goes a long way in financing government policies, which are required to keep a government alive. There is no government in the world today that does not obtain tax in one way or another, and the reason is to maintain itself.

Because the taxes are the life basis of a country, we should be nationalist to this life basis in order to keep the nation functioning. That said, tax is a thing which is very important to help the government to give us protection, make better roads and bridges for our usage, established better and more institutions and give social infrastructures to us which we need.

When being met face to face with back taxes we owe the government, we frequently think of ways to cut short on it. Well, most tax laws appreciate the sufferings of every taxpayer. 

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