A Speech on “What Is the Weirdest Thing You Have Ever Seen?”

Usually, when someone asks us, “what is the weirdest thing we have ever seen”, they might answer extraordinary matters like UFO, ghost, Yethi etc. My opinion is a bit different, it is any kind of body modification. Sound odd, but that is the truth. 

Body modification which I meant is not the ones some people do because it is a necessity, I’m speaking of the ones who really didn’t have to do anything (like cosmetic procedures) to look more beautiful and people with a body full of tattoos and piercings. We human beings are designed in various exquisite forms. Each has its own beauty to flaunt in front of others. We all can alter our bodies in less drastic ways; by applying makeup, hair dye or even by working out. 

Yet, many these days choose to modify their Godly gifted beauty with a medically set one. Some might even be an extremely bad choice and end up with horrifying results.

Body modifications are highly risky in nature, not just the procedure one undergoes, also the post procedure could be painful. The results may not come out as expected, but differently too. It may even cause side effects like swelling, allergies or skin reactions. Some other body modifications like tattooing and piercing are also common these days.

In some cultures, body modification was a sign of traditional beliefs like showing their marital status or when being an adult. Getting around very few tattoos or piercings does not cause much severe issues to our body. Some people have their entire body tattooed or pierced. It is strange and also scary to even look at them. Bearing a huge amount of pain for hours or days and getting it done is really madness.  

Now speaking of the other body alteration methods like the cosmetic procedure. It is a slight matter of time to spend on browsing some makeup tutorials and try it on oneself. Still there are a lot of people who end up overdoing their makeup and make it look fake. And so it makes them obsessed with changing their looks perfectly and that too permanently. There are some things that we cannot change naturally, like the shape of our face and nose, size of our lips.

This is when cosmetic surgeries come in action to make our imperfections perfect; some might turn positively, some do not. Even with this procedure being so expensive, some people get addicted to these. The grave consequences for such individuals includes permanent damage of their skin and muscles and even risks of death. Such people are actually trying to hide their true self, maybe even to run away from depression. For some people, depression affects them after these procedures, when things don’t match their expectations. 

We all have a beautiful body and face; why make it worse with over doing procedures. It is equal to letting doctors experiment over our own body. This kind of over doing one’s body are the weirdest things I have ever seen.

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