Welcome Speech for New Employee – 4 Sample Formats

There is no hard and fast rule for when and how many employees to hire. So it is a basic format that while you get any new employee onboard, you give them a formal welcome, and that can in face to face, in the form of an email to the whole team, or some new and unconventional ways like teleconferencing, etc.

This welcome message should be a very positive start for the person who has joined the team, as it is rightly said the first impression is the last impression. Try to make it concise with a brief introduction of the person and the company. 

Welcome Speech for New Employee Samples

Welcome Speech for New Employee Sample 1

Hello everyone, and Welcome Mr. XYZ,

It is a matter of joy for us as Mr. XYZ has joined the company and the operations team as the head of operations. He is someone who has a collective experience of almost 13 years and worked across domains but is specialled in IT operations.

We are very happy that he accepted the offer and decided to join us. We believe that his presence will guide us in the direction of progress and there is more and more success waiting for us in the next year and a new decade.

We are going to use his experience and build a team of employees who will then work under him and add to the feather of the company. He basically hails from Atlanta but now, with his wife and kids has settled here in Florida.

His interests are traveling and cooking, and hence we feel that on our next company outing, we are going to have the opportunity to taste food made by him.

With this, I would like the whole team to welcome him wholeheartedly and help him settle into the organization as soon as possible.


Human Resources


Welcome Speech for New Employee Sample 2

Hello team,

I know the Monday blues are yet to hit, but before that, I want to announce the entry of one more teammate into our organization. Please welcome Miss Betty Johnson, who is joining us from today as a Human resource executive.

She has finished her Masters’s in Human resources from a very reputed college and has experience of over three years. She is specialized in mass recruitment, but here, she will be taking care of the onboarding of new employees to the team.

We welcome you, Betty; you see us growing. We want to make sure that you are totally comfortable in the team and hence have arranged a small high tea in the evening.

The organization is pleased to offer you the role and would want to help you in every possible way.

She has been a state-level performer in Salsa and is an extrovert, so we know that the new employees are going to love her, and she is going to love her team and the organization as well. Please, Betty, make yourself comfortable in the new company.

We welcome you again, have a nice day!



Human Resources


Welcome Speech for New Employee Sample 3

Hello teammates,

I hope that everyone is enjoying their Friday evenings in preparation for a very happening weekend ahead. But guys, before you proceed with your weekend, please take a moment to read the mail.

We are very happy to share the news with you all that after months of discussions, interviews, and meeting different people, we have found the right man for the role of Vice president.

He is a person with extensive experience in the banking field and has been a consultant to various startups in the domain.

It is an honor for us to have Mr. Ryan onboard. He is a very dear friend and colleague of our Chief operating officer. Mr. Ryan is an angel investor and has been there in the industry for the last 20 years.

He has been awarded various awards for his contributions to the banking domain. Many national and international news channels have interviewed him.

He is going to join us from today onwards and will be meeting all of you in the next week, where we will have a small get-together so that you all get to meet him personally and share perspectives.

Till then, wave him a hi, if you see him passing in the lobby as he loves interacting with people.

Welcome, Mr. Ryan. We are pleased to be having you in our family.


Welcome Speech for New Employee Sample 4

Hello My dear colleagues and friends, and a very warm welcome to Mrs. Rita

What better would we have shared with you all other than finding a new senior developer for our team? Mrs. Rita will be leading the product development team.

She is joining from today and we are glad to share with you all that she is an alumnus of Columbia state university and she currently is doing research on distributed databases.

She is very excellent and has an exceptional record in product development. She held multiple certifications in the field of informational technology and was previously working on Facebook.

She is a native Indian but was born and brought to Seattle. Mrs. Rita is a proud mother of two beautiful girls and has been married for the last 15 years. We got to know that she has traveled to almost 21 countries in the world, and that’s her passion.

She wants to gather experiences from traveling and one day writes a book about all of them. She is going to collaborate with you ll to deliver good projects at a time that she thinks is no big deal.

She will now be solely managing the product development department, including the in-house projects as well.

We are glad that a senior experienced person like her chose us, and we will make sure that her journey with us lasts forever and she gets stories from here as well to write in her book.

Welcome, Mrs. Rita. Welcome, Onboard. An adventurous journey awaits you on the other side.

Managing Director



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