Should Women Be Allowed to Be Priests?

Galatians 3:28 says, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there’s neither bond nor free, there’s neither male nor female for ye are all one in Christ Jesus”. I strongly believe that women should be allowed to be priests. The notion that only men should be allowed to be priests is an age-old tradition when women were looked down upon by society. Now that things have changed and women are empowered to do anything they want in life, this tradition of making only men as priests should also change.

Barbara Harris, the first woman to hold such a position in the 470-year history of the Episcopal Church, a black woman, was recently ordained suffragan (or assistant) bishop for the state of Massachusetts. Any person who knows the Bible well and feels that they have the calling of God to spread the goodness of God among the people should be allowed to be a priest, irrespective of their gender. It is not fair to women that they should ignore this call of God just because God created them as a woman. 

I do not see a reason as to why a woman should not hold a high-ranking religious position. Many may claim that it will break the tradition. We humans have been evolving over the years.

This also means that we break the traditions which seem useless and irrelevant to us. Do we go around eating raw meat, wearing rugs for clothes, and staying in caves like the tradition of our ancestors? No. We broke this tradition as it makes no sense to us considering how much we have evolved. Similarly, traditions such as these should also be broken as it doesn’t make sense anymore. If a woman can run for vice-president, what should stop her from being a priest. I consider this as an absurd tradition that needs immediate correction. 

In most churches, women are encouraged to teach in the Sunday schools and be in the nursery but it is unthinkable for them to let women be priests and Bishops. We are still a protracted way from the goal of total equality, but with small stepping stones, like Barbara Harris’ ordination, we move closer than ever to its goal. Women should be allowed to carry the position of priest. As long as they need to work hard and need to hold such an edge, they ought to be allowed to try to do so. If any tradition castigates a girl to an inferior position, then those traditions should be changed.

Women are obtaining more advanced educations and developing better leadership qualities than within the past. Women who work even as hard as men do deserve even as much of an opportunity for a political office, knowledgeable job, or a spiritual position. the globe shouldn’t reduce personal achievement to a girl or man fighting for power, it’s two people striving for a better goal. Women who have manifested their leadership qualities should be allowed to stand as role models in their fields. Thank you.

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