A Speech on “Should zoos be banned?”

Good (—) one and all. I am (—), and I am here to speak about something that has been disturbing me for the past few months. I have seen many people argue over whether or not zoos should be banned. In my opinion, zoos should be banned. I have traveled to and visited various places across the globe. Like most of us here, I have always been a fan of zoos, as I am an animal lover. I used to enjoy seeing them do tricks and being fed.

My friend works at a zoo, and I once had the opportunity to see how these animals were being treated after the closing time of the zoo. It broke my heart to see how these poor creatures were being treated without any mercy. I asked my friend how he could silently watch all the horrible things being done to these poor creatures. He said that they don’t have a choice, as their livelihood depends on how well they train these animals, and for that, they have to make them go through strenuous practices and maltreatment.

The staff is now used to all the cries and whinings of these animals and the animals have quietly submitted to their masters. It is disheartening to see how some ferocious wild animals like the lions and tigers just don’t even respond when the trainers hurt them. I also noticed the bruises that animals like the monkeys and apes have on their feet and body because of the injuries that they get as a result of their rigorous training. 

Another factor that concerns these animals is the confined space in which they are put. Animals like elephants, giraffes, etc., need vast areas like forests to live in. These animals are put in small cages, which affects their mental state very severely. They are also chained, which restricts their natural movement. Monkeys that go around from tree to tree in forests have to adjust to artificial surroundings, which consume very little space. These creatures are not even given good food.

Most of the animals there starve because they do not get the food they are biologically supposed to eat. On top of that, in some places, live chickens and other vulnerable animals are fed to hungry animals as prey to entertain people. 

Their life in the zoo is nothing like we imagine. I would like to tell you all to please stop entertaining such activities by paying money and watching the show they put up by hurting these poor creatures. There are many other options to see animals. Many organizations have started up for animal lovers like us that do not move them from their natural habitat or disturb their normal life. They make safe environments for people to watch animals live their normal lives. Isn’t that much better than watching them being forced to do something that is not natural to them? Be compassionate and inclusive. They also deserve a peaceful lifestyle.

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