634+ Famous Age Quotes To Remind You That Every Year Counts (Images)

Although it is impossible to avoid old age, there are many reasons for them to be positive during this time, and one can also enjoy his life to the fullest.

So, irrespective of the fact that whether you’d like to become old disgustingly or gracefully, we have compiled a fantastic collection of some intriguing age quotes from world-famous personalities out there.

Every quote is when to bring an innovative perspective on old age and the new opportunities it brings with a fantastic mixture of humor and wisdom.

Age Is Just A Number Quotes

-The genuine horror will be to wake up in the morning only to find that your high school class is running the country. – Kurt Vonnegut

-During one’s old age, one is going to confront all the different diseases. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

-While the young people know everything, the old believe in everything. – Oscar Wilde

-Old age is similar to everything else. You need to begin young to make it successful. – Theodore Roosevelt

-Individuals who have been able to outlive enthusiasm happen to be older than others. – Henry David Thoreau

Age Quotes

-Although bashfulness can be considered to be a reproach to old age, it is an ornament to young people. – Aristotle

-Old age has got its own deformities. It must not add the deformity of vice to them. – Eleanor Roosevelt

-What is considered virtual by most individuals, is actually a loss of energy after 40 years of age. – Voltaire

-Every single man who is more than 40 years of age happens to be a scoundrel. – George Bernard Shaw

-At present, we are wasting the youth on the young. – George Bernard Shaw

-A diplomat will always remember a woman’s birthday but will not be able to remember her age. – Robert Frost

-It is the age that shows whether we are actually children or not. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

-30 years of age has become absolutely strange to me. I had to cope with the fact that I happened to be a talking and walking adult. – C. S. Lewis

-After a particular age, every single individual is accountable for his face. – Albert Camus

-Anybody who stops learning becomes old irrespective of whether it is 20 years or 80 years. On the other hand, anybody who continues to learn stays young irrespective of his age. – Henry Ford

-In old age, providing advice is a foolish thing. – Marcus Tullius Cicero

-I am not of the notion that an individual becomes order. I believe that one becomes stagnant at a particular point in his life. – T. S. Eliot

-Old age will come all of a sudden, and not slowly as thought by many individuals. – Emily Dickinson

-40 is considered to be old age of the youth; on the other hand, 50 is considered to be the youth of old age. – Victor Hugo

Age Quotes

-Just bear in mind that he will be starting to accelerate once you are over the hill. – Arthur Schopenhauer

-Nature will provide you with a face you possess when you are 20 years old; it is your responsibility to preserve it when you are 50. – Coco Chanel

-Youth ventures while age considers.

-I am never going to be an old individual. Old age, to me, is always ten years older than I am. – Francis Bacon

-Age happens to be the best when you consider four things; old wine which is good to drink; old friends whom you can trust; old wood, which is ideal for burning; and old writers to read. – Francis Bacon 

-Old minds are similar to old horses; they must be trained so as to be in top condition. – John Adams

-While going older, I do not pay much attention to what individuals are saying. I simply observe what they perform. – Andrew Carnegie

-Any individual who becomes old will be a child again. – Sophocles

-In case you become old, never make any attempt to change yourself or your environment. – B. F. Skinner

-You will not be protected from love by age. However, love can safeguard you from age to a certain extent. – Anais Nin

-Although every single individual wants to live for a long time, none likes to become old. – Jonathan Swift

-It is not a sin to be 70 years old. – Golda Meir

-Minds are going to ripen at different stages of life. – Stevie Wonder

-One can compare old age to that of a shipwreck. – Charles de Gaulle

-Old age becomes extremely sad since our hopes begin to come to an end. – Jean-Paul

-It would be possible to stay young by living honestly, consuming food slowly, and telling false things regarding your old age. – Lucille Ball

-The ideal time to become rich will be a young age, and the appropriate time to become for will be the old age. – Euripides

Age Quotes

-Your middle age is when your phone rings in your house on a Saturday evening, and you hope that it is not for you. – Ogden Nash

-It is ridiculous to retire at the age of 65 years. I still had pimples when I was 65 years of age. – George Burns

-It is beyond your control to stop getting older, and you need to accept the fact. – George Burns

-One should start preparing for this old age from his teenage years. – Dwight L. Moody

-It did not matter to me when I was 60 years old. – Yoko Ono

-All of us is always the identical age within us. – Gertrude Stein

-It does not matter how old you happen to be, but what matters is that how old you feel inside. – Jules Renard

Age Sayings

-We face many difficulties at a young age; however, difficulties actually run into us when we age. – Josh Billings

-I am of the notion that once you become horrified regarding becoming 50 years old, it will be better for you to stay in your residence and cry a lot. – Josh Billings

-Make it a point to maintain the youth of your soul right up to your old age. – George Sand

-You will reach middle age when your age starts showing around the middle. – Bob Hope

-I do not feel old until when it is time for me to slumber. – Bob Hope

-The trick will be to mature without becoming old. – Casey Stengel

-I feel extremely young when I surround myself with attractive women. – Hugh Hefner

-During old age, a man’s most unexpected things can happen. – James Thurber

-Loneliness happens to be the most significant sign of age. – Annie Dillard

-While age can be considered a work of art, youth can be considered nature’s gift. – Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

-After reaching 30 years, our system has its own mind. – Bette Midler

-The process of aging will grasp you firmly in case you do not feel the urge to throw a snowball. – Doug Larson

-More effort is used at present for helping people get to old age instead of helping them to take pleasure in it. – Frank A. Clark

-I have the wish to become old in a graceful manner. I would like to be a healthy person and also an instance for my kids. – Sting

-A man understands that he is becoming old since he starts looking like his father. – Gabriel Garcia Marquez

-Instead of requiring any reason for living, youth only requires pretexts. – Jose Ortega y Gasset

-One significant thing that nobody tells me regarding middle age is the fact that it is really a fantastic modification from being young. – William Feather

-I believe that your face shows your entire life, and you ought to be proud of that. – Lauren Bacall

Age Quotes

-Amongst the most significant pleasures of old age would be to sacrifice things. – Malcolm Muggeridge

– Oh, despair! Oh, rage! Oh, age, my foe! – Pierre Corneille

-The scariest thing regarding middle age happens to be the knowledge that you will be growing out of it. – Doris Day

-Middle age is considered to be youth sans levity and age sans decay. – Doris Day

-One can compare men with wine – some of them will become vinegar; however, there are going to enhance with age. – Pope John XXIII

-During young age, the days happen to be shorter while the years are longer. During old age, the years happen to be shorter, and the days appear to be longer. – Pope Paul VI

-Age is not that essential unless you happen to be cheese. – Helen Hayes

-Once one is able to find his own company in the middle of his pursuits, he will not be feeling old irrespective of his age. – Amos Bronson Alcott

-Middle age happens to be the time when an individual believes that he will feel extremely good within one week or so. – Don Marquis

-It is not possible for anyone to avoid aging; however, aging productively is a different thing. – Katharine Graham

-In your youth, you will be permitted to stay up quite late during New Year’s Eve. However, middle age will be when you are compelled to. – Bill Vaughan

-During old age, it is important for you to put up with your friends, the face, the health, and also the kids out there. – Judith Viorst

-It will be possible to conquer old age by keeping your heart wrinkled and becoming kind, cheerful, and hopeful. – Thomas Bailey Aldrich 

Aging Gracefully Quotes

-Age can bring wrinkles, but a smile can replace those wrinkles

-The number of your age doesn’t matter, the number of friends you have does.

-Age is not counted by days but by the number of beautiful experiences you had.

-Erase tears from your life and then count your age.

-Being aged is mandatory but growing up is up to us.

-Nobody questions your age if your achievements speak for it.

-Don’t worry, I am not aging. I am just living.

-Looking at my age I believe I did a decent job in life

-What’s another word for growing old? It’s called aging gracefully.

-It’s not about how old you are rather it’s about how you are at this age.

-At my age, I still love to play dress-up like kids.

-I know for a fact that Maturity is not directly related to any specific age

-If you live life on the edge then it’s impossible to worry about age.

-Getting old is not up to me but feeling aged is upon me.

-We were all at different ages when we realized what life is.

-On the inside, I believe we remain the same age.

-One day you’ll realize that you were not aging rather you were blooming.

-I won’t let my age come in between my profession.

-If life is measured by age, then taste is measured by quantity.

-Imagine age as a mountain. As you grow old, you can see the best view from above.

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Aging Like Fine Wine Quotes

-Age signifies how long we live and experience signifies how we’ve lived. 

-Age should never become a barrier when pursuing your dreams

-If you look at your age as a number then you’re already mature.

-I will not be known for my age but for my wisdom.

-Live life king size but not age-wise

-In the end, you don’t count your age, you just remember the memories.

-Your age doesn’t define your life.

-Grow old, feel the change but never feel the rage at that age.

-Why do we always think of our age whenever unorthodox opportunities come at our way.

-Age is the only thing that’s not constant in our life while we’re alive.

-All I wanted is to age when I was little and now it’s the opposite.

-I don’t believe in aging but I do believe in growing.

-My body might have aged but my soul still clings onto my inner child

-If life was easy then we wouldn’t have grey hair at an early age.

-Never hesitate in getting an educational degree just because of your age.

-My age may have an expiry date written somewhere but the same can’t be said about my talent.

-When you think about your age, it becomes a thing of mind over matter.

-The years in your life make up your age but it’s the experiences that make up your life.

-We age at a rapid speed the moment we stop playing like kids.

-You know you have raised a good child when he/she respects everyone irrespective of their age.

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Old Age Quotes

-I can tell you my age but I don’t know it’s the correct one.

-I assure you at any given age, I can eat donuts all day.

-I am tired of changing my age every year.

-Birthdays are just an extravagant way to tell your age and shove it like a cake

– Given the fact that I am old I can ask any woman’s age

-More than being shied I am scared to do something against my age.

-I am as young as I feel so technically I don’t age and I think I am a vampire

-I can act my age and I don’t need a five-year-old to tell me that.

-Life is simple, you eat, hustle, sleep and you die at whatever age God thinks right.

-My age doesn’t matter to me because I don’t think about it

-Ironically, live till hundred you have to leave the habits that make you want to live till hundred.

-If you think too much about your age then you will surely be in a rage.

-I don’t when I’ll reach that point where I don’t lie to people about my age.

-The one who brags about their age thinks they are immune to aging.

-My face might look aged but I am not here to scare you.

-Unfortunately, there’s isn’t any other way to live a long life other than aging.

-Why the hope of living a long life excites everyone but nobody wants to get old in the process.

-Instead of lying, start bragging about your age.

-The age of my body is 15 years older than my heart.

-Stop being so paradoxical about aging and take inspiration from wine.

-Old age is mostly thinking about what are the things that could be done with just one effort

-I am stuck because my mental age writes a cheque that my old age can’t cash.

-Beautiful young adults are science’s art but ageing beautifully is a work of art.

-Either God will make me a gorgeously aged person or I will with the help of cosmetics.

-Let’s just start saying ‘I don’t grow old, because it’s difficult to track my age’

-God, is it that tough to increase your age without growing old like a vampire?

-By the time I get to the age of 70, I’ll start wearing shoes without laces.

-I hate waiting in line at the age 30, I don’t know what’ll do when I am over 50.

-When I was at the age of 20, I worried what others thought of me and now at 60 I know they weren’t even thinking about me

-I assure you, the aged I am, the worse I may become.

-I am actually not interested in the subject of age because everybody gets old.

-Unless you are cheese, you don’t need to worry about your age

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