96+ Positive Quotes About Age

Age or aging is a process of humans getting older with time, whether humans like it or not. Many things can and have been said about age in a serious and funny way. Mixing both, here are some WhatsApp status and messages on Age-

Wise Age WhatsApp status and messages

-Age can bring wrinkles, but a smile can replace those wrinkles

-The number of your age doesn’t matter, the number of friends you have does.

-Age is not counted by days but by the number of beautiful experiences you had.

-Erase tears from your life and then count your age.

-Being aged is mandatory but growing up is up to us.

-Nobody questions your age if your achievements speak for it.

-Don’t worry, I am not aging. I am just living.

-Looking at my age I believe I did a decent job in life

-What’s another word for growing old? It’s called aging gracefully.

-It’s not about how old you are rather it’s about how you are at this age.

-At my age, I still love to play dress-up like kids.

-I know for a fact that Maturity is not directly related to any specific age

-If you live life on the edge then it’s impossible to worry about age.

-Getting old is not up to me but feeling aged is upon me.

-We were all at different ages when we realized what life is.

-On the inside, I believe we remain the same age.

-One day you’ll realize that you were not aging rather you were blooming.

-I won’t let my age come in between my profession.

-If life is measured by age, then taste is measured by quantity.

-Imagine age as a mountain. As you grow old, you can see the best view from above.

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Inspiring Age WhatsApp status and messages

-Age signifies how long we live and experience signifies how we’ve lived. 

-Age should never become a barrier when pursuing your dreams

-If you look at your age as a number then you’re already mature.

-I will not be known for my age but for my wisdom.

-Live life king size but not age-wise

-In the end, you don’t count your age, you just remember the memories.

-Your age doesn’t define your life.

-Grow old, feel the change but never feel the rage at that age.

-Why do we always think of our age whenever unorthodox opportunities come at our way.

-Age is the only thing that’s not constant in our life while we’re alive.

-All I wanted is to age when I was little and now it’s the opposite.

-I don’t believe in aging but I do believe in growing.

-My body might have aged but my soul still clings onto my inner child

-If life was easy then we wouldn’t have grey hair at an early age.

-Never hesitate in getting an educational degree just because of your age.

-My age may have an expiry date written somewhere but the same can’t be said about my talent.

-When you think about your age, it becomes a thing of mind over matter.

-The years in your life make up your age but it’s the experiences that make up your life.

-We age at a rapid speed the moment we stop playing like kids.

-You know you have raised a good child when he/she respects everyone irrespective of their age.

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Smart/Witty Age WhatsApp status and messages

-I can tell you my age but I don’t know it’s the correct one.

-I assure you at any given age, I can eat donuts all day.

-I am tired of changing my age every year.

-Birthdays are just an extravagant way to tell your age and shove it like a cake

– Given the fact that I am old I can ask any woman’s age

-More than being shied I am scared to do something against my age.

-I am as young as I feel so technically I don’t age and I think I am a vampire

-I can act my age and I don’t need a five-year-old to tell me that.

-Life is simple, you eat, hustle, sleep and you die at whatever age God thinks right.

-My age doesn’t matter to me because I don’t think about it

-Ironically, live till hundred you have to leave the habits that make you want to live till hundred.

-If you think too much about your age then you will surely be in a rage.

-I don’t when I’ll reach that point where I don’t lie to people about my age.

-The one who brags about their age thinks they are immune to aging.

-My face might look aged but I am not here to scare you.

-Unfortunately, there’s isn’t any other way to live a long life other than aging.

-Why the hope of living a long life excites everyone but nobody wants to get old in the process.

-Instead of lying, start bragging about your age.

-The age of my body is 15 years older than my heart.

-Stop being so paradoxical about aging and take inspiration from wine.

-Old age is mostly thinking about what are the things that could be done with just one effort

-I am stuck because my mental age writes a cheque that my old age can’t cash.

-Beautiful young adults are science’s art but ageing beautifully is a work of art.

-Either God will make me a gorgeously aged person or I will with the help of cosmetics.

-Let’s just start saying ‘I don’t grow old, because it’s difficult to track my age’

-God, is it that tough to increase your age without growing old like a vampire?

-By the time I get to the age of 70, I’ll start wearing shoes without laces.

-I hate waiting in line at the age 30, I don’t know what’ll do when I am over 50.

-When I was at the age of 20, I worried what others thought of me and now at 60 I know they weren’t even thinking about me

-I assure you, the aged I am, the worse I may become.

-I am actually not interested in the subject of age because everybody gets old.

-Unless you are cheese, you don’t need to worry about your age

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