Speech for An Annual Function

First of all please accept my warm welcome to our institution on this special day. I hope you all are enjoying this day very much. I thank you to give me this opportunity to express my feelings on this special day.

An annual function is a very important and special function of any institution. On this special day, the entire year is celebrated and remembered. It marks as one of the most exciting days with the end of the previous year. In this special day we memorize all the memories and moments and, on the other hand, pray for a good start to achieve new and good experiences, on the next year.

Today the students of our institution have worked very hard to give their best performances and I wish that their hard work brings out the best result for them on this very special day. These students are our pride and all are full of great talents and creativity – like in the areas of sports, dance, paintings and singing, etc. Our students are making their teachers very proud by getting accolades and rewards from outside the campus and thus making our institution more and more famous every day.

For the past 10 years the students of our institution have represented the institution on various levels, inter-school, zone as well as national by making us proud each time. So today they are going to show and celebrate those talents in order to make this annual function even more memorable for all of us present here. They all have been working really hard to satisfy us and make us proud again from past one month along with their seniors and teachers.

After the completion of the spectacular and unbelievable performances by our students, we have also planned to continue with the award giving ceremony at the end of this program in order to praise the efforts of those who have contributed in some way towards the institution. We truly believe that their hard works shouldn’t go to waste as these people motivate all of us to do well in life and provide inspiration for others.

Hence, today is the time to celebrate their love and support for our school’s unending achievements. I really hope that our school and the students associated with it continue their good work and set an ideal example for all the fields in the future.

Our achievements and awards are the proofs of its quality of education and the qualities of its students. And now we request all of you and our students to enjoy those moments of glory and make the best of this day of your life.

Now, I would like to conclude my speech here as a proud member of this great institution of ours with my heartfelt thanks. I really thank all of you so much for coming here today and for listening to me with this much patience till now. Thank you very much for all your hard work and efforts till now.

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