A Speech on How to Be a Persuasive Speaker!

If you really want to be a good speaker then here are some steps for becoming an attractive speaker.

First of all, make sure to determine the type of presentation you are presenting before others. Because every single presentation requires a different type of approach. If you are giving a motivational speech, you may rethink to use the PowerPoint presentation. If you are delivering a more formal presentation, you can probably succeed by using PowerPoint but don’t overload your presentation with much data. Your audience might start to feel bored.

Always remember the end of the speech in mind.  Most people start with a topic and then show the PowerPoint and begin to fill in the points. By doing this, you usually get washed away by the huge number of details and lose the overall structure of the presentation. Think about the desired outcome of yours from the presentation, and then point out the main information, which you want to present to get there.

Ready to fully prepare your outline for the presentation? Delivering a good speech or presentation actually takes a lot of hard work and preparation. For your presentation to be truly attractive, you should develop a proper structure or frame of the main points you want to represent in your presentation.

You have to make sure that your presentation has an easy-to-understand and clear structure. You have to make your presentation in a way, which has a clear format and flow. After mentioning your main outline, describe each of the points by using stories or examples, etc.

Be attentive in preparing your visuals. In PowerPoint, try to keep a very minimum of words on each slide. Much information on your slides has the ability to distract your audience from the main theme or purpose of the speech. At the minute you put up the slide, your audience will shift their attention to read your slides, and not hear anything about what you are saying. Try using cartoons, or easy-to-understand pictures, and then illustrate your message through easy words so the audience can easily understand your message.

Try to practice beforehand as much as you can. You need to prepare for many hours for a good and attractive presentation for the listeners, yet most people spend very minimum time practicing their presentation and speech. Giving much time to practice has the power to present you as a more confident, persuasive, appealing, and polished speaker. It also helps in giving you a chance to work out the various difficulties and ensure a good presentation flow.

Be sure to give an effort to engage your audience.  Whenever possible, try to engage the listeners in your presentation. Ask a question or examples; occasionally ask for their thoughts or feedback.  Give full effort to deliver the speech or the presentation in an interesting manner. Sometimes make eye contact, smile, and walk around them a bit so you don’t seem too unfriendly.

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