A Clean Planet Speech Template

I want to thank all of you to present here to support us in our campaign. Today I am going to say something about our planet.

As humans, we are the best creatures on earth; therefore we need to keep our planet clean for our own benefit. But unfortunately, we all are surrounded by trash. Filters of cigarettes, cans, bottles, wrappers, plastics… they have no end.

But we can save the planet by recycling those trashes and thus reducing them. By recycling, we can reuse our planet’s resources and also make our planet clean.

But another big problem, which is severely harming our planet, is pollution. Every day, we send tons of hazardous gases and various pollutants into the atmosphere, causing and accelerating global warming. So, we have to try our best to reduce the production of those pollutants. We should reduce our usage of motor vehicles and fossil fuels.

This will make our planet more and more pollution free. If we really work hard, we can make our world a wonderful place. The harmful gases and poisonous particles as presented in the air are inhaled by the citizens causing a great harm to their health.

These can result in various respiratory and pulmonary diseases of any person. Another disaster like the cutting of trees and green vegetation also disrupts the balance of nature resulting in a polluted atmosphere.

This shameful deforestation process harms greatly the Ozone layer of our atmosphere resulting in the devastating phenomenon of global warming, which leads to the destruction of the natural cycle.

The pollutants are also one of the main reasons for acid rains which are becoming a fatal danger for a great number of animals and the marine creatures of our planet.

The desire to build large roads and railway tracks also add to the causes of the deforestation process. But we have to remember that green trees always help us to keep our planet clean and fresh.

All the practices of the human world greatly affect the environment and its natural balance. Our gradually increasing demands of the new technologies and easy lifestyle also have a great bad effect on the environment of our planet. We should give emphasis on waste management properly to keep our planet clean.

The biological or chemical wastes of households, industries, and agricultural fields which are discharged into the rivers and lakes are the causes of water pollution, and thus polluting our planet.

We should try not to dispose of harmful things or non-biodegradable things on the roads or rivers.

We have to stop the misuse of our drinking water and keep it unpolluted to protect our planet from pollution. Thus we can protect our planet and keep it clean.

Cleanliness should be given a top priority in all the households of any person so that a little child can practice it as a habit and can be benefitted and provide benefits throughout life.

Cleanliness is a good habit which not only benefits a person, or the family, it also helps in the cleanliness of our planet.

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