Company Holiday Party Invitation Wording: 99+Ideas to Write

Beverages (meals and drinks), décor, and mood are three essential components of a memorable company dinner party.

As long as these three unique components are present at the party, it doesn’t signify who is president of organizing the corporate Christmas party.

An excellent client Christmas party, in the final, is not just about the party; this should highlight the importance of each employee to their particular company.

In addition, choosing the correct language for your business holiday party invitations is crucial because it determines the atmosphere of the gathering. So, below is a range of potential Xmas party welcome wording.

Company Holiday Party Invitation Wording

  • Please come to our yearly holiday party with us!

  • The Holiday Drinks Buffet beyond hours is open to you!

  • Please come rejoice with us at our festive Christmas party!

  • Join us for fun, supper, and dancing because we greatly value you!

  • Brrrr…Come to my quarterly hot cocoa celebration for staff, colleagues, and the community!

  • Come inside from the cold and meet us for all the holiday fun, ho, ho, ho!

  • Once more, it is Holiday time. Soon there will be laughter and joy. Please don’t throw this invitation in the trash… You might not witness your boss become a waste! Bring a gift that has been bow-wrapped. Who wonders who you’ll discover hiding beneath the garland.

  • Come to work today and skip the evening off! Come to this year’s Holiday Party with us! A night full of fun, friendships, and delicious food.

  • Come join us for the fifth annual Andrews Group dinner party as we mingle and tingle all night long. For a group shot with the company as well as the subsequent joyous party, dress professionally and give your best.

  • Let’s get together and have some holiday cheer because we’ve all worked so hard all year! The yearly office dinner party has invited us.

  • We would love to have you at our festive season dinner celebration. Celebrating this happy time of year.

  • A memorable Christmas party has been planned, with spiked cocktails and decorated halls! So please come celebrate with us at our yearly dinner party.

  • Jingle three times. We should start mingling now. Celebrate the holidays with us as dinner Day is approaching quickly! Announcing the holiday celebration for the workplace.

  • The conclusion of this week will see an event planned by (business name) as the Holiday period is quickly approaching. We need you at the celebration, please.

  • You are kindly invited to attend the forthcoming Halloween party at the magnificent venue hosted by (Company name) (location). So please join us as we commemorate on (date).

  • We at the (business name) would really like to welcome everyone to the annual Christmas celebration at the workplace on (date). The occasion takes place at (location).

  • We would be delighted to have you attend our office holiday celebration in December (date). Please bring a guest with you to the event being hosted at (location).

  • We’re doing a small Garden event for the workplace the day before Friday. Therefore, attending the function would be appreciated if you and your companion attended it.

  • Santa is undoubtedly on his way as I compose this invitation asking you to join us at our company holiday celebration. I want to see you around with Santa (date).

  • Enjoying oneself at a work holiday party while our supervisor is there is utterly unprofessional. So take a break and join us for the event on (date).

  • We invite you and your significant other to the annual office holiday event on (date). We would anticipate seeing you at the dining hall in (location).

  • The holidays are quickly approaching, and we’ve yet to congratulate those who have contributed to the organization’s growth. So, kindly show up at (date & location).

  • The (Corporation) is hosting its annual holiday party on (date). We want to invite you as well as your wife to the celebration taking place at (location).

  • Without the top man, the impending holidays wouldn’t be fully observed.
    Consequently, we respectfully suggest you attend our workplace holiday celebration on (date).

  • The organization would like to extend an invitation to you to attend its holiday celebration on (date). So feel free to spend a great night with us at the (location).

  • We’ve spent almost all your time together at work, so I invite you and your wife to spend the night with us at our company holiday party.

  • We at (business name) want to extend an invitation to you and one guest to attend our annual Memorial Day weekend feast on (date). The occasion is taking place at the (location).

  • In all honesty, the staff members agree that it wouldn’t truly become a Holiday event without you. So, come on, honey (date).

  • It’s going to be an incredible joy for the business to have you at our yearly office holiday party. Please join us at the event on (date) (location).

  • The corporation would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at our holiday celebration on (date). You’re invited to bring a companion or your spouse.

  • You are cordially invited to the monthly holiday event on (date), which will be hosted at (company name) (location). The menu includes dance and cocktails.

  • With happiness in our souls, (business name) gladly welcomes you to join us for the yearly holiday party on the night of (date) at (location).

  • We are delighted to extend an invitation to you for our yearly New year’s holiday party on (day) at (location). Because there will be beverages and hors d’oeuvres, be willing to bring a buddy.

  • Well, given that we spend the majority of our time at work, we may now be referred to as pals. So please join us for the income statement holiday party on (date), which will be held first at (location).

  • Since Christmas is only celebrated once a year, it’s time to spread some festive cheer. So please come celebrate the workplace Christmas party with us and your friend on (date).

  • Happy Holidays and a welcome to you and your partner to join us at (business name annual )’s Holiday party on December 24. (date & location).

  • (Name) Businesses wish to invite you to join us on (date) for a middle of the night of liqueurs, grooving, as well as hors d’oeuvres just at (location). This is in honor of the forthcoming holiday season (background).

  • (business name) respectfully invites you to join us on (date) for our largest Holiday event at (location). We expect to see you around the celebration.

  • As the executive director of marketing, it can be challenging to avoid using the phrase “jingle” while welcoming you to our yearly holiday party on (date).

  • The beloved employees and coworkers of (Name) & (Name) Company are cordially invited to the yearly holiday celebration on (date). So naturally, you would be welcomed at the (location).

  • The season can even inspire the executive board to consider sharing happiness. So, do attend the holiday event with your wife or a visitor (date & location).

  • As Thanksgiving approaches, our business has planned an office holiday celebration for all of the staff. So come and join us for a delicious evening on (date).

  • Best friends and coworkers of our business, we cordially welcome you to accompany us for a festive time at the workplace holiday celebration hosted at (date & location).

  • There will be gyrating, music, beverages, and passed appetizers. Therefore, you must definitely attend our industry’s annual vacation party, which will be held at XYZ place.

  • The brightness of this weather has a certain allure. Therefore, (business name) is planning a corporate holiday event, and you are warmly invited to appropriately welcome it.

  • It might seem that most business gatherings aren’t enjoyable; however, we at (company name) prefer to think otherwise. So, on (day), come and make your judgment at (location).

  • We value you and every one of our employees significantly, so join us for the annual company holiday event, which will be held at (date & location).

  • Once more, the holidays are here! Join us for our annual Holiday event, and take some time to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with your coworkers. Then, we’ll unwind this evening by toasting the upcoming year and our accomplishments from the old.

  • The air has a cool breeze, which means it is almost time to celebrate vacations with our loved ones. Therefore, on [week day], [date], beginning at [time], kindly join us all with your companion as we eat and waltz the evening away among our coworkers and clients. [Destination name, destination address] is where the gathering will be held. There will be a qualified photographer present. Cocktail-hour attire Please reply by [date] to [email account].

  • Once again, the Holiday season has arrived. Our company holiday party is where you are cordially invited to celebrate the end of the year and the start of the new one.

  • Without you, do you understand what a company Holiday party entails? Actually, this is simply another conference. So please don’t force us to meet again. Instead, join us in celebrating this wonderful season by bringing your families, good spirits, and bare tummies.

  • The splendor of the holiday has arrived, and a distinct Christmas spirit permeates the air. This year, we’re planning a special holiday gathering where we hope you’ll be able to join us for all the fun and meaningful time.

  • Regardless of whether you’re on Lucy’s positive or negative list, don’t skip our Holiday even though he’s supposedly visiting the area. Instead, let’s all ring in the new year with cheer, excellent food, and great company.

  • Please rock the entire night at our yearly holiday meal and performance since it’s starting to feel a lot like December. We cordially invite you and your visitor to join in the weekend holiday fun with your coworkers.

Corporate Holiday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • As the Christmas holidays are almost upon us, (company name) is planning an event at the end of this month. Your presence is requested at the party.
  • (Company name) cordially invites you and a guest to the upcoming holiday party held at the wonderful (location). Please come and celebrate with us on (date).
  • We at the (company name) would like to invite all our staffs and colleagues at the company’s annual holiday party on (date). The event is being held at (location).
  • We would be absolutely joyous to have you at our office holiday party on (date). Please come for the event held at (location) along with a guest.

-On the day before Halloween, we are having a little office Halloween party. So you and your associate’s presence at the event would certainly mean a lot to us.

-Just as I write this invitation to request you to come at our office holiday party, Santa is probably on its way. Hope to see you along with the Santa on (date).

-It is extremely unethical to have fun at a corporate holiday party with the presence of our boss. So take some time off and enjoy the party with us on (date).

-You and the missus are cordially invited to attend the annual corporate holiday party on (date). You presence would be expected at the banquet hall in (location).

-The holidays are around the corner and we have yet to celebrate the company’s success with the ones who have made it possible. So please be there on (date & location).

– The (Company name)’s annual holiday party is being held on (date). We would like to have you and your spouse’s presence at the party happening at (location).

-The celebration of upcoming holidays wouldn’t be complete with the main man. Hence we request the honor of your presence at our office holiday party on (date).

-As we reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas, the company would like to invite you its holiday party on (date). Please join us at the (location) for a merry evening.

-We have all shared most of our time at our office, and I would again like to ask you and the missus to share an evening at our office holiday party.

-We at the (company name), would like to invite you plus a guest to join us in the annual thanksgiving celebration on (date). The event is being held at the (location).

-To be honest, it wouldn’t be entirely a Christmas holiday party without you in it and that is the opinion of all the employees. So please come on (date).

-Having you at our annual office holiday party will be an absolute pleasure for the company. I hope you can be with us on (date) at the (location).

-As the holidays are approaching, the company would like to invite you to attend our holiday party on (date). You are welcome to bring a guest or spouse of yours.

– (Company name) cordially invite you and a guest to attend the annual holiday party on (date) held at (location). Cocktails and dancing are in the menu.

-With joy in our hearts, (company name) cordially invites you to spend the evening of (date) with us for the annual holiday celebration held at (location).

-We are thrilled to invite you to our annual holiday party happening on (date) at (location). Make sure to bring a guest as there will be cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.

-Well, after spending most of our time at the office we can be called as friends. So come along friend, to the company’s annual holiday party on (date) held at the (location).

-It’s time for some holiday cheer as the celebration of Christmas comes once a year. Please join us along with your guest for the office Christmas celebration on (date).

-Happy Holidays along with an invitation to you and your wife to attend the annual Christmas celebration organized by (company name) on (date & location).

-In honor of the upcoming holiday season, (name) industries would like to request the pleasure of your company on (date) for an evening of cocktails, dancing and hors d’oeuvres at the (location).

– (company name) humbly requests you to spend the evening of (date) with us on our most grandest Christmas event at (location). We are hopeful to see you at the party.

-As a head of the marketing department, it is tough not to use the word jingle while inviting you to attend our annual holiday celebration on (date).

– (Name) & (name) corporation would like to invite their dearest staffs and colleagues to its annually organized holiday party on (date). We’d be expecting you at the (location).

-Christmas holidays can even make the board of directors think about spreading joy. So, do come along with your spouse or a guest at the holiday party held on (date & location).

-As the holiday of Thanksgiving is almost here; our company has organized an office holiday party for all the employees. So do join us for a feast-filled evening on (date).

-Dear friends and colleagues of our company, we would like to invite you to join us for a time of merriment at the corporate holiday party held on (date & location).

-There will be cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and dancing. So you should absolute shouldn’t miss our company’s annual holiday celebration held at (date & location).

-You may have plans with your respective families but over the years your colleagues have become your work families. So spare a few seconds for us at the office holiday party.

-Let’s celebrate the season together. Our company is planning a holiday party and you and the missus has to be there on (date & location).

-Christmas is a time for cheer and a time to be with friends and since you are part of the (Company name) family you’ll have to be there at the corporate holiday party.

-The holidays can make you forget all the worries of your life. And I hope to see you enjoying whole-heartedly at the annual corporate holiday party on (date & location)

-There is something about the warmth of this season. So to welcome it properly, (company name) is organizing a corporate holiday party for which you are cordially invited to.

-Most of the corporate holiday parties aren’t fun it seems but we at the (company name) tend to believe differently. So come and be the judge of it on (date) at (location).

-We hold you and all our employees very dear, so come and let’s cheer on this year’s annually organized corporate holiday party held on (date & location).

What to write on a corporate holiday party invitation?

  • Mention the venue and time 
  • Mention the dress code
  • Tell them what to expect 
  • Make every employee feel equally important 

How to respond to a corporate holiday party invitation?

  • Thank your host for inviting 
  • Tell them if you can make it to the party 
  • Stick to the dress code 
  • Do not leave your host hanging on the invitation

Here is the big list of All Invitation Wording ideas that covers over 501+ of All Parties, Events, and related to Businesses. also, We Crafted Catchy Ready-made Invitation Card Canva Templates for you.

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