A Speech on Competitive Sports Can Teach Us About Life

Now days many parents insist that they wants to enrol their kids in school sports teams or wants their kids to attend sports sections with their peers. Physical activities are well known to improve the resistance of the body to outer components and prevent any deviations at the time of their kid’s growth such as a bad posture, if someone practices it regularly.

But competitive sports are a totally different concept. It is drastically different from regular sports. Competitive sports contain the aspect of individuals or teams competing against one another, sometimes for a simple reward or simply for a ceremony, or just mere enjoyment of playing, on the other hand normal sport is just an activity which has involvement of physical effort and skills. The word or term ‘competitive sports’ seem too many of us like a very common combination even redundant. But it is not reality and, all sports are not as competitive. 

The World Sports Encyclopaedia, tells us that over eight thousands competitive sports are there. As a person who will be able to go through each of these competitive sports, can have a familiar pattern of life lessons which will starts to take a shape from it. It seems like competitive sports are constructed to teach us a thing or two about life. Do you know what these lessons that competitive sports teach us are?

There are too many lessons which are taught by competitive sports. For an example, at that time when we are about to win or lose, particularly the latter. From either position, we learn so many good skills that have never been taught in regular educational environments.

We all play sports to win or minimum we want to win but when we are at a situation that we know we will lose, we can learn either one or all of the following lessons and not for sports only, and it can have an effect on our real life too. The skills are able to motivate us in our low time. For example, it is ok to lose some time, we can learn more things from our defeats and perform better in future..

Liverpool’s 2005 Champions League final win is partly owed to some crucial tactical changes and alteration by Coach Rafael Benitez. He understood that he could invade the midfield by playing five midfielders rather than the preliminary four midfielders and restored the position of Steven Finnan with  Hamann.

The outcome was a victory, and that teaches us when the chips are down, we also need to get down and need to get a help make the change when it needs to be changed. There is nothing to be ashamed of in getting help from certain one when you need. It is indeed very important for us also to seek for help when we need and Make that tactical changes and variation if necessary, and with this method you can have a great comeback.

In conclusion competitive sport is very important for us because it teach us different aspects of life.

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