A Speech on “The Death Penalty Should Be Outlawed.”

We all are familiar and heard about the penalty or punishment, but very few people are known about the death penalty or capital punishment, which is very cruel. As we all know, in the past society ,the death penalty or capital punishment it was very much common to people . But as many days passed, this violence becomes less than before. Death penalty is ordered by the high court or Supreme Court against the criminal activities. The death penalty has various types of methods in different countries. Some countries hung the culprits, some countries shoot them in open and some countries inject fatal chemicals into their bodies.

                There are many types of death penalty in our world. All the death penalty is divided into two parts. One of them is traditional death penalty or capital punishment and the others are traditional death penalties or capital punishments. Modern methods are less painful than the old version of death penalty. Modern methods are very much quicker processes than the old traditional methods of death penalty. 

                These are some death penalty processes which are followed in past days and in modern days also—

               A] Electrify the culprits    , B] Tranquilization,               C] Beheading

                D] Shooting = in this method they shoots the criminals.

                E] Hanging = in this method, they just hang the prisoners.

            As per May 2012,141 countries have abolished the death penalty either in law or practice. In my opinion, I am not supporting the death penalty. I think that it is very inhuman processes, which followed throughout the world. I strongly believe that death penalty is very cruel .We have no rights to give someone the death penalty as extreme punishments.

             Supporters of death penalty thought that this type of cruel activity should be happen with the criminals, because of their crime. But they didn’t think about that how much cruelty is shown to the society, what message is going to the society.

             There are many advantages and many disadvantages of these capital punishments. The advantages of capital punishment are that they give people an idea of what the law is capable of doing. It proves that criminals never escaped from their crime. Anyone, who think about to do any types of crime, they will think twice before they doing that .And the also thing is that. No criminal cannot harm anybody in this outside world. These are the advantages of death penalty. 

          Now the disadvantages of death penalty are we do not give another chance to the change. We are doing very much bad with them without understanding what the life is actually , and how the crime has spoiled it .The people in this society thought that human lives have no values. They should respect the other’s life. We must show some of kindness to them. It is good for them and also good information message for this society. We have to destroy the sins not the sinners.

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