Should We Do Away with Cars and Go Back to Horse Carriage for Transportation

Transport is one of the most important parts of our life. Without it we would be helpless. But for environment the transportation which we are using recently is dangerous. It maybe seems or it could really be helpful for us but harming our environment is apparently harming us in an indirect way. So we have an option with which we could go back to decades before and can enjoy our nostalgia with pollution free fresh air. It is a significant source of air pollution but it comes after the problems of sooty smog from coal combustion had massively been solved in western European and North American cities. 

From then, emissions from highway, air, rail and water transport have been partly accountable for acid statement, stratospheric ozone deficiency and the change of our climate. Most newly, exhaust emissions of road traffic have been the cause of much concern about the effects of the quality of urban air in health of human and troposphere ozone production.

This essay evaluates the various types of transport effects on the atmospheric environment by examining three examples: urban road traffic and human health, aircraft emissions and widespread atmospheric change, and the donation of sulfur emissions from ships to acid deposition. Each example has related with it a various level of uncertainty, such that a variety of system responses to the problems are reasonable, from modification through precautionary emissions abatement to benefit of cost calculation and optimized abatement. 

There is some information that the current problem for road transport donation to urban air pollution is justified, I but emissions from aircraft should also give cause for question given that air traffic is propelled to begin again to increase. Emissions from road traffic are being lessened substantially by the beginning of technology especially three-way catalysts and also, most newly, by local traffic deduction measures especially in developing countries.

However, there continues the chance of great rise in car ownership and use, and it lasts to be seen whether these nations will adopt regulations now to prevent air pollution which is related to transport and the problems becoming severe later in the twenty first Century.

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The impact of transportation on environmental is significant because transport is a major user of energy, and burns most of the petroleum in this world and as expected this creates air pollution on a high level, including the games like nitrous oxides and particulates, and is a substantial contributor to global warming through emission of carbon dioxide. Only Within the transport region, road transport is the one of the hugest contributor to global warming.

Environmental rules and regulations in developed nations have reduced the personal vehicle’s emission. However, this has been equalize by an increase in the number of vehicles, and increased use of each automobile.

The effect on our health of transport emissions is also of a huge concern. A recent examination of the researches on the effect of traffic emissions on pregnancy consequences has linked disclosure to emissions to negative effects on gestational duration and probably also intrauterine growth.

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