339+ Dory Quotes And Sayings To Brighten Your Day And Find Your Way (Images)

Dory is a blue tang fish🐟 with wide eyes and memory for just 10 seconds. Appearing originally in the feature film Nemo, Dory afterward achieved hard personal epic adventure in the feature film titled Finding Dory.

Dive into a world of positivity with Dory’s enchanting quotes and sayings that are sure to brighten your day and guide you toward your true path.

From her adorable forgetfulness emerges a treasure trove of wisdom, reminding us to embrace every moment and stay resilient in the face of challenges.

With Dory as your cheerful companion, you’ll discover the power of optimism, courage, and perseverance, illuminating your journey to success and happiness. Let her words become your guiding star, leading you to brighter💡 horizons.

Dory Squishy Quote

-Bailey, you should use the echolocation, shouldn’t you?

-I tried my best to forget to, but I could not. 

-Do you have any idea of how it feels when you are looking for somebody?

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-Hello, I am Dory. I’m suffering from memory loss which is only for the short term.

-Hello, I have lost my family.

-Oh no! I cannot remember!

-I know how it really possible for us to reach the locomotion.

-I’m suffering from memory loss, which is short-term, and it is running in my family. I have this firm belief. 

-Just go on swimming.

-Simply wait there and fail to remember. This is something you perform the best!

-Just as one particular thing with tentacles, one large eye as well as snappy stuff.

-They happen to be fate, which is simply more than friends.

-In case there is no memory, then there are no problems.

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-Anything that is happening accidentally will be great!

-We will not be able to forget the amazing personality that you have, Dory. And we also know that you are never going to forget us.

-You should simply give up when something becomes excessively difficult. You will always find one more way.

-Wow. I only hope I will be able to speak whale.

-Did you listen to that?

-What was it? Listen, to what thing?

Finding Dory Quotes

-Stan, I right now heard somebody saying hello.

-Yes, there is plenty of fish out here. Anyone, just anyone, might have simply said hello.


-Where am I actually staring at?

-Hello, I am Dory.

-Yes, do you know your mom and dad or anything else?

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-I just cannot recall. I was searching for something, and I …

-You are from this place, I think.

-How are the stingrays able to know where they need to go?

-It is nothing but instinct. It is something within you that you must listen to, given that it feels extremely familiar.

-Do not cry, mom. Do not cry.

-Daddy, Dory is performing sleep swimming. She is talking while she is asleep.

-Dory says plenty of things while sleeping. Right?

-Give the ratchet wrench to me. No, I am more than sure that I will manage this.

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-But, daddy, what will happen in case she begins sleeping swimming once again?

-I can remember it as though it was only yesterday. Obviously, I am unable to remember yesterday particularly well.

-My family! They have gone to some particular place. I must find them!

-And something important came to my mind!

-Something vital? What was that?

-Something regarding a clam or …?

-Nope, an oyster.


-I have no idea. No?

-It is a hospital for the fish.

-My parents! I have got a family!

Dory Sayings

-We will not and cannot forget the great and amazing Dory!

-What will happen in case I do forget you?

-I really miss them. Do you have any idea what it actually feels like?

-Well, I think you are trapped right here.

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-Bill, you are not assisting me.

-Absolutely frustrated!

-Isn’t it a nice thing?

-No! I am just on the verge of getting totally disgusted and frustrated!

-Sorry, I am not a fantastic swimmer.

-I am of the notion that you swim quite well.

-Thanks a lot.

-You are welcome.

-You and I had been buddies!

-It was so much enjoyable since once I tell a story to you, you seem to forget about it completely, and after that, I have to tell it to you repeatedly.

-Sorry, I have to blink. It will be impossible to keep the eyes open for you that long.

-What is going on? Hello? Hello?

-Hello, you!

-Hello, will you be able to assist me?

-I have a name, and that is Hank.

-I need to go and look for the entire family.

-That is a difficult job, child.

-Mom and dad!

-She should select just two and let us head-on.

-I think that we are being slushed by them for a particular reason.

Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

-Well, that is quite specific however, something similar to that.

-My family is somewhere out there. It is impossible for me to find them all by myself.

-I have no intention of getting touched.

-It’s alright. That is done by everybody, and do not be ashamed of it.

-I don’t have any idea why this is done by you.

-Not me, child. I do not want anyone to be concerned about it. You are fortunate. If you have no memories, then there are no problems. 

-I have faith in Becky.

-You have faith in Becky. Becky is consuming a cup.

-I have no idea why I believed I might do this.

-Dory, you are going to locate your parents, and once you succeed in doing that, you are going to be …

-Being natural predators, sea lions might pounce at any time.

-You might have 3 great hearts, but you should know that you are bad.

-I simply want to live alone within a glass box. 

-Have you almost finished?

-Alright. I am actually thinking of something that is orange and small.

-I am going to call him Squishy, and he is going to be my Squishy.

-Mr. Turtle happens to be my father, whose name is Crush.

-When you are let down by life, do you have any idea of what to do? Just go on swimming.

-Definitely, I like you. I have no intention of being with you since I actually like you. It is an emotion that is super complex!

-You guys provided ink to me.

-Do you have any problem, friend? Do you?

-Am I able to read? That’s correct; I am able to READ!

-Fish are not food, they happen to be friends.

-Thus, we are actually cheating death at the moment. We are doing this and also enjoying ourselves at the same time.  

Dory Just Keep Swimming Quote

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!”

“When life gets tough, just keep swimming.”

“No matter what happens, just keep swimming.”

“In challenging times, remember to keep swimming.”

“Don’t give up. Keep swimming forward.”

“When you feel lost, just keep swimming in the right direction.”

“Even in rough waters, remember to keep swimming.”

“Keep swimming and don’t let anything hold you back.”

“Sometimes you just have to keep swimming to find your way.”

“No matter how big the ocean seems, just keep swimming.”

“When life throws obstacles your way, remember to just keep swimming.”

“Keep swimming, even if the currents are strong.”

“In the face of adversity, keep swimming with a smile.”

“No matter how deep the ocean, just keep swimming towards your dreams.”

“When you feel like giving up, just keep swimming a little longer.”

“Just keep swimming, and you’ll find your way back home.”

“When the journey gets tough, keep swimming with determination.”

“No matter how far you’ve come, always remember to just keep swimming.”

“Keep swimming, even when others doubt your abilities.”

“In the vastness of life’s ocean, just keep swimming towards hope.”

“When you feel lost, keep swimming and trust in your instincts.”

“Keep swimming, and you’ll discover the strength within.”

“Even if you feel small and insignificant, just keep swimming towards your goals.”

“When life’s currents change, keep swimming and adapt.”

“No matter how many times you fall, just keep swimming back up.”

Dory Finding Nemo Quotes

“Hi, I’m Dory! I suffer from short-term memory loss.”

“Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim.”

“I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy.”

“Hey, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming.”

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t remember, and I can’t help you.”

“I’m feeling happy, which is a big deal for me.”

“This is the Ocean, silly. We’re not the only two in here.”

“I’m gonna get you out of here, I promise!”

“I’m Dory, your friendly shark guide.”

“You can never let anything happen to him. Then nothing would ever happen to him. Not much fun for little Harpo.”

“I just had the most incredible idea! What if we find your son, and in the process, we find a whole bunch of other sea turtles?”

“Oh, I love games! Pick me, pick me!”

“Hey, look, balloons! It is a party!”

“First you were all like ‘whoa,’ and then we were like ‘whoa,’ and then you were like ‘whoa.'”

Funny Dory Quotes

“Oh, look, sand! You know, I just don’t get it. Make one wrong turn in the ocean, and you’re just hopelessly, helplessly lost.”

“Hey, I’ve got an idea! Let’s play a game. It’s called ‘Hide and Go Seek’!”

“Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! What do we do? We swim, swim, swim!”

“Whoa! Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills. When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming!”

“Hey, Mr. Sea Turtle! Whoa! Dude! It’s a clownfish! You’re funny, right? I’m funny too. In an ocean full of clownfish, you think you’re gonna get a laugh?!”

“I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. And he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy, come on, little Squishy.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t remember anything. I’m Dory. And, well, I’m gonna forget everything!”

“Oh, I love games! Pick me, pick me!”

“Hey there, Mr. Grumpy Gills! When life gets you down, you know what you gotta do? Just keep swimming!”

“I’m a natural blue!”

“You know, for a clownfish, he really isn’t that funny.”

“Why is the ocean always moving? Maybe it’s trying not to get caught!”

“I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy!”

“I look at you, and I’m home.”

“Ooh, ooh, pick me! I’m me, pick me! Pick me, I’m me! Me! Me! Me!”

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Funny Dory Quotes And Sayings

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