101+ Family Reunion Invitations And Announcements Wording

A family reunion is a time or an occasion where most of the members of an extended family come together under one roof to celebrate the joyous occasion of a family reunion. Sometimes, the reunions are held on the same date every year or on rare occasions such as weddings or special anniversaries.

The whole purpose of arranging a family reunion is that you get to catch up with your own relatives and siblings, whom you haven’t seen for a very long time.

So along with the power of some sumptuous meals, you may require the need of invitation wordings for the purpose of inviting everyone to the family reunion.

Thankfully, below is a list of choices with which you can carefully construct your Family reunion invitation wording.

Family Reunion Invitation Wording

  • Hope you bring a dish to pass as the Swansons have their annually held family reunion. Join our food, drinks, and a lot more on (date) at (location).
  • The best part of having a family is the reunion we look forward to for the whole year. I hope you can join us at our family reunion event held on (date & location).
  • Life sometimes can be a bit hard, but one is lucky to have a family to lean on to. The Hendersons will be gathered on (date) at (location). Do join us.
  • Family is our roots, and a family is our wings to fly, so please join your family at the annual family gathering event on (date) at the (venue).
  • You’ve been apart for two years, and now it’s time to strengthen the bond of family. So please join the whole gang of Weasleys on (date) for a fun family reunion. 
  • Without the presence of families, we are a root waiting to fall. So let’s appreciate them and celebrate them together on (date). Hope to see you there.
  • Somewhere down the line, we all have longed for our families; now that we have one, I hope you celebrate them at our family reunion event on (date & location).
  • Pack your bags and gather your gang as you are invited to the 10th annual family reunion held at our place on (date).
  • The fun begins on (date) for the Carter family gang. We request you and your family’s presence at the family reunion event held at (venue).
  • The time to celebrate our love for each other is here as we are throwing a special family reunion event on (date) at the wonderful (venue).
  • Once you are here, we’ll paint the family tree on the momentous occasion of our own family reunion. I hope you can join the gang on (date).
  • On the eve of our family reunion, we would like to invite you and your family to our place on (date). Food, conversations, and games are in store for you.
  • You cannot run away from us this time as the whole Henderson gang is going to be here for the occasion of our family reunion held on (date).
  • Just a simple dinner party for a family reunion is not my style Williams. I hope you can join us for a fun get-together event on (date).
Family Reunion Invitation Wording

family reunion invitation wording ideas

  • It’s been far too long, and we really wish to see you at our family reunion party. Hoping to see your clan for the first time on (date) at our place.
  • Over the Cocktails, delicious dinner, and fun games, I invite you and the gang to our little family reunion party held at the (venue) on (date).
  • It has been more than five years since the Coopers have sat together for dinner. So we have planned a family reunion event on (date), and you have to come.
  • You have an opportunity to rejoice in the experiences of family gatherings once again as your Dad and I have planned a family reunion event on (date).
  • After all these years, you are still the most wanted member of our family at this year’s 15th annual Kingston family reunion party. So do join us on (date).
  • As the whole gang of Nicholsons will be present at our annual organized family reunion event, you have the chance to make new memories with us on (date).
  • A Sanders always fulfils their promise, and you are a Sanders isn’t it? So make amend to your promise and join us for our yearly held Sanders family reunion on (date).
  • Sometimes, the true value of having a family is realized in the family reunion itself. I know you haven’t forgotten about us yet, so please join the Robinson gang on (date).
  • Somebody said it right that the greatest gift we can possess is our family. And I hope you will join us at our family reunion on (date) held at the (venue).
  • It’ll be nice to see all the cousins, brothers, and sisters getting along at this year’s Symonds family reunion. Please join us with your gang on (date & venue).
  • You are our niece, and it’s been 15 years since we last saw you. It is my humble request that you to attend the Ring family reunion event on (date) at (venue).
  • Our lives have grown in a different direction, just like the branches of a tree, and it’s high time we all meet at our family reunion on (date). Hope to see you

family reunion wording ideas

  • Life’s greatest joy is the love we get from our family. And I hope you will be there at our family reunion event on (date) to share the joy.
  • When the whole gang of Andersons reunites, things sure become less boring and more adventurous. So join the gang for another adventurous family reunion on (date).
  • On this year’s Thanksgiving eve, let’s be with the ones who are our family. We are excited to have you at the Williams family reunion party on (date & venue).
  • We are more than ecstatic to announce that our long-awaited family reunion is finally happening on (date). Save the date, as it will be one joy ride.
  • Time has certainly flown by, and we all have become grownups now. For the sake of our family reunion, I would like to invite you to the event held on (date & venue).

invitation to family reunion wording

  • Here’s an idea! Why not the whole gang of Jones gets together for a family reunion on the 4th of July? Sounds good, then do join us for the event held at (venue).

  • Before we become a memory to all our kids, we would like to invite you to the annual Kripky family reunion party held at (venue) on (date).
  • Your Grandpa is demanding a Wilson family reunion on (date). Nobody can’t say no to him, so you better get down here and celebrate the reunion with the gang.
  • The whole gangs of Malkovich’s are ready for our annual family reunion event, and we are requesting your presence as it will be delightful for all of us.
  • This Christmas, you have been given a chance to share our past family history and a reason to celebrate our future at the 12th annual Johnsons family reunion.
  • We are a little bit crazy and a tad bit loud, but we are your family. We request you to join the Annistons at the annual family reunion party on (date).
  • With love and joy in our hearts, we would like to invite you and your wife to the 14th annual Fleming family reunion picnic on (date) at the (venue).

Family Reunion Invitation Card Canva Templates

family reunion invitation card canva templates

What to write in a family reunion invitation?

  • Mention the theme

  • Ask them to stay over for dinner

  • Mention the importance of a family reunion

  • Tell them they are appreciated

How to respond to a family reunion invitation?

  • Thank you for inviting you

  • Write a note saying how glad you are to be a part of the family

  • Show enthusiasm in your response 

  • Confirm your presence


How to write a family reunion invitation letter?

You could start with a greeting. You could say that a family reunion would be bonding and having fun times together. All of them being present would be making new memories, and you all could remember the good times and could enjoy more.

A welcome greeting for a family reunion invite

I welcome all of you to our family reunion. I can’t thank everyone enough for being present here, and cheers for the memories we make today.

How to do a family reunion invitation?

You have to prepare a guest list of all the people you are inviting with their addresses, and you could buy a few invitation cards or make them on your own, or even get one customized. After that, you can send it to the respective addresses.

How to make a family reunion invitation?

You could make a family invitation on your own and can make it look incredible. You could buy some colored paper or letters and decorate with colored pens. And also stick some accessories to make it look beautiful. Then you could write an invitation.

Family Reunion Invitation Wording

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