42+ Best Farewell greetings Messages to Manager

To work with a mature person who understands the situation and know how to take work from employees is a true manager to work with. The way you manage time and every work at the workplace are just commendable. The way of your perception, your knowledge,  your experience and your approach towards every person is just amazing and in a polite and kind.

I adhere to your way of working and your personality. Your work inspires everyone in the office and you motivate us to work more and with quality. You make us learn many things throughout. 

List of Best Farewell Greetings Messages to Manager

  • I can’t express my gratitude towards you, you make us what we are today, thank you so much for all this. 
  • May this is not out the last meet and you will always be in touch with us. All the best for your future 
  • I get to know one thing after I met you that, yes good people exist with pure heart and soul. But every person has to say BY one day and the day comes 
  • I get to know many things from you since I join the place but don’t want you to leave. Have all the luck for your future ahead 
  • Thank you, sir, for your best learnings and experience with us. You mould our personality and make us stand what we are today
  • All the best for your future ma’am, you let us know what’s the responsibility and how to be on time with everything. 
  • I found one of the best bosses ever and get to know many things of professionalism and ethics from you. May your life fill with happiness and peace 
  • I wonder how came I this point but then saw you and get my answer, yes IT’S YOU who shape us to be a responsible and leader 
  • We will miss you, miss your strictness towards work, miss your motivational speeches. We will miss our memorable moment’s shares together 

-It’s because of you who made it possible from nothing to peak, from anxiety to confident person. I am going to miss you a lot 

-I hope we will meet soon. I know this is not the end of our journey but males our bond stronger. Be in touch always 

-You have to meet me soon and don’t forget this employee. You will always be in our heart and your words always praise me 

-We know you will always look ahead and achieve success in your life, farewell boss 

-You always inspire us to do work and our ways of enjoying work with you. May God shower it’s blessings on you, farewell wishes to you 

-All the best wishes from us to you and your family.  Hope you have a good life ahead with success, prosperity and happiness. 

-You always make the best atmosphere to work in and make the team more energetic and enthusiastic. With you, every work turns in passion and love 

-You learnt to us what passion and love for work are and make it possible. You are one of the best mentors for us, farewell greetings for you 

-Farewell wishes to you!! May your life filled with peace and joy. We hope you achieve everything you wish to and may our bond be the same 

-Farewell greetings!! May our bond remain the same and intact. I hope you enjoy working with us 

-Before you leave I would like to be sorry, if I by mistake or by chance told you anything wrong. But we will miss you a lot 

-You have been so supportive and honest during your work here. I hope your new workplace also gives you the same atmosphere and lucky to have a hardworking person like you 

-Thank you so much for your time and support you have given us for past years. It is hard to leave a boss like you. 

-Take care of yourself in the new workplace.  I wish I could be your employee there too but please be away in touch with me. 

-Thank you for all the time you helped me. You being a great mentor to us with a good friend of mine who has pure soul and heart. 

-You make footprints of yours in my heart and never able to forget such a kind person like you. 

-I am so lucky that I got a chance to meet such an amazing person in my life but difficult to leave you. I wish we meet soon again 

-Your analytical and decision-making skills attract me more towards you and when I came to know you closer, I get to know you are such a lovely person I met so far 

-All the best for your future life which gives you million of achievements. Be in touch. I will miss you 

-We spent most of the time at our workplace and when we get such a kind-hearted boss at the workplace the work becomes fun and love to spend more time. Hard to say by to you 

-Having an awesome and amazing boss is next to impossible but I found it yes it’s possible but then to say by to such boss becomes harder 

-Congratulation and happy for you but feel sad for myself that I am going to lose such a wonderful person from my life 

-I am so glad to have an opportunity to work with you but disheartened after got the news of your farewell. 

-Having the privilege of working with you it’s my luck but to lose you it’s my bad luck. All the best for your future 

-Let me take this moment to express my gratitude towards you for everything you did for us so far. And congratulation for your new achievement. 

-Having you as my boss is my privilege but to leave you becomes my bad luck. But promise to be in touch always. I am going to miss you 

-Being a fire brigade for me to the best friend, the journey is just unforgettable and to leave you to become more difficult to Don 

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