100+ Friendship Quotes to Celebrate Your Bestie

Your connection with friends is much stronger than with other people. Friends have a special place in your heart.

True friends are hard to find, but if you have had them in your life, then they are worth it. Share these warm Friendship Quotes with your friends. 

Best WhatsApp Statuses On Friendship

-Sweet friendship is refreshing. 

-A faithful friend is a lifelong medicine. 

-If you have no friends, you have not lived your life. 

-A true friend is the greatest blessing. 

-True love is rare, true friendship is even rarer. 

-The language of friendship is not composed of words, but of meaning. 

-Friendship is just a soul trapped in two bodies. 

-No matter where we are, our world is created by our friends. 

-Friendship multiplies the good in life, but separates the evil in life. 

-You wrap me around you, like an eternal friendship. 

-A friend is someone who helps a friend in need. 

-You and I are more than friends. We are like a small gang. 

-In life, we will not lose friends, we just find out who they are. 

-Friends are the main ingredient in this recipe called Life. 

-True friends will not judge each other, they will judge others together. 

-Good friends are hard to find, hard to suppress, and hard to forget. 

-I would rather walk into the darkness with my friends than walk into the light alone. 

-Friends are people you can call to laugh, cry or complain at any time. 

-Real friendship is hard to find, especially friendship like you and me.

Funny WhatsApp status on friendship

-My friend is lazy and the only thing that keeps us sane is being crazy

– Real friends would take the bus with you even if your Ferrari breaks down

-I don’t need an alarm when I have an annoying friend to wake me up 

-We have a rule for our friendship. We don’t like the same men/women.

-What’s the ship that never sinks. Oh yeah, it’s Friendship

-There’s always a friend who fills the void of crazy in my life.

-Friends are like sheath-shaped barrier device because when things get hard, they protect you.

-For me friendship is mostly about who can eat more food.

-If my friend trips over anything, I’ll laugh first then pick him/her up.

-If life gives me lemons then I’ll take those lemons to my friend and make lemonade.

-Don’t worry friend, I’ll train you to be as crazy as me

-Friends don’t want your house to be clean, they want your house to be filled with wine

-Our friendship is built on the foundation of drinking together and sarcasm.

-Life is what we get. I guess I got some silly friends.

 -We friends don’t insult each other. We compete in saying offensive things to each other.

-If this world runs out of people, you’d still be there to step on my new shoes.

-I’d take a bullet for my friend, just on the leg though.

-Friends don’t give a dame about your limo. They give a damn about alcohol though

-I would never support my friend in a fight with his/her partner because she/he knows where I stay 

-The essence of friendship is so pure that it could last a lifetime, if there isn’t any money lending involved.

-I know the ideas of my friends are worst but I do participate in them.

-My friend isn’t that knowledgeable either. He/she is an idiot like me.

-I can’t die earlier than my friends because they would haunt me to join them.

-I can’t believe my friends are with me even after knowing me.

-Yes, it’s true. I am the friend that everyone needs.

-My best friend never lets me feel lonely she is always disturbing me.

-Weird friends will help you lead a happy life.

-Only your true friends insult you all the time.

-We can be best of friends you just need to be crazy as hell

-Our friendship must be tighter than our jeans.

-My best friend and I communicate with just a wink of an eye

-Friendship is all about me buying food and my friends eating it.

-In Friendship, you don’t have to be careful before speaking.

-Friends are the best therapists that we have in life.

-Friendship is all about clicking each other’s worst photos.

-If I stopped talking to weirdos ill be left with no friend.

-Between me and my friend we don’t know who is the bad influence.

-My friends are the reason I look at my phone and smile.

-I and my best friend are the best entertainers in our group.

-Two sane people can never be best of friends.

-Your friends don’t care how clean your house is if you have wine

-I’ll rather be an idiot than losing my friends with less knowledge.

-Old friends are the ones you can be stupid with.

-When you have your friends beside you things are never that scary

-Your friends tolerate your craziness so keep them in life.

-Friends should surprise you with gifts without any reason.

-True friendship is visiting your friend’s house and taking a nap

-If life is a cookie then friends are the choco chips.

-Me and my best friend live to make fun memories.

-I need a friend who knows how to whisper in public.

– True friends are like octopuses they stay on your face.

-Be friends even when you are old and senile.

-For strangers I am shy but my friends know how insane I am.

-I’ll be your friend forever because you know all my secrets.

– Your friends know how crazy you are and still choose you.

-This world will be a crappy place without my best friend.

-Your true friends don’t mind if you are slightly cracked.

-Friends never judge you even if you fart in public.

-If I hate you, my friends hate you too.

– If I am telling a lie my best friend joins me too.

Short Meaningful Friendship Quotes

We meet more than 1000 people in our life, but not everyone is special to us. Some people become our friends and best friends in the course of time. They are close to us, and we spend nearly half our lives with them. 

Having a real friend is a matter of being fortunate. Friends are people who support you and stand by you in tough times. In times like this, finding a true friend makes you different, and you should respect them.

Here are some short meaningful friendship quotes

  • Scary things become funny around your best friend.

  • True friends stay in storms.

  • Friends make the world a better place.

  • Sweet friendship brings new energy to your soul.

  • Life without friends is quite boring.

  • The best gift of life has a true friend.

  • One loyal friend is equal to a thousand relatives.

  • True friends are like your second self.

  • Who guides you to do your best even in the worst conditions is a true friend. 

  • No need for many people when you have a best friend.

Best Friendship Status For Whatsapp

Not everyone is blessed with a sibling. Some people find peace in a confrontation outside. Those who stand by you when you need them the most are true friends. 

It is easy to find friends but hard to have a true friendship that lasts long. When you have a true friend, show them your love and care with sweet messages.

This article will help you write the best friendship status for WhatsApp

  • True friends stay with you through thick and thin.

  • My life has been better since I have been friends with you.

  • You make all my problems look less scary.

  • A friend for life is way better than a useless crowd.

  • There are no breakups in friendships.

  • A true friend makes you laugh harder and worry a little less.

  • Your presence changes everything around me. 

  • Best friends help each other to change for the better.

  • You are more than a friend; more like a family.

  • Friendship is about responsibility and not opportunity.

Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp

Friendship is a relationship of love outside the family. It brings happiness and joy. Right friends lead you toward the good life; bad friends are random people who drag you down. A person who doesn’t help you when needed is another passerby.

  • For friendships like these, there are some beautiful quotes.

  • A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. – Walter Winchell

  • Getting older with you makes me feel more loved. 

  • There is nothing better than having a friend to share your thoughts with.

  • True friendships never fade.

  • There are times when I feel low, and I wish to have a talk with you. 

  • Friends make life a bit easier.

  • I understood friendship because of you.

  • Friendships grow strong with time.

  • A true friend makes you better than your previous self.

  • There is magic in friendship, and it makes you have faith in people again.

Quotes About Ending Friendships

People tend to lose friends for various reasons, but a true friend will never leave your side. Friendships are relations based entirely on trust and can be broken easily if there is no ground to them. Friends last longer when valued.

It is hard to find the one who matches your vibe. We should thank god for providing us with the best gift of life.

Here are some quotes on friendship

  • A true friendship is usually weird, as you get along with the same kind of people.

  • Friendships are relations that grow old together.

  • Not related by blood but by trust. You are my true friend.

  • Not all soulmates are life partners; some are crime partners. Best friends for life.

  • True friendships find their own way in the midst of difficulties.

  • Some friends are more important than family.

  • Best friends have their way of convincing you for good.

  • Your support makes me feel stronger. 

  • Happy to have a friend like you.

  • A friend is one who accepts your true self.

Quotes Old Friendship

Friendship is a bond that becomes firm with time. as the saying goes, old is gold. So old friendships have their spot in my heart. 

Good friends make life and journey easy and short. Life without friends is meaningless and boring. We like people who understand us and care for us. With people like these, we form a relationship called friendship. 

  • Old friends remind you of all the beautiful memories and how things changed with time.

  • Here are some good old friendship quotes.

  • Old friendships are like diamonds; they face a lot together and shine together.

  • Having friends is good; having Old friendships is even better.

  • Friends that grow old together share the best past.

  • What can be better than a person who understands all your moods over the years?

  • Old friendships come with patience and loyalty.

  • Happiness is meeting old friends, and still, nothing has changed.

  • Friends are people you choose to stay with.

  • Old friends have the best stories.

  • Having an old friend is no less than a treasure.

  • Friends who accept you for your stupidity are the real ones.

Best Friend Friendship Status

Friends are like mirrors, and you see yourself growing in them. They care and support you. They are the best secret keepers and are the ones you trust the most. They are not family, but not even less than a family.

These great creatures who stand with you at your worst are your best friends, and they deserve the world’s best treatment. 

  • Little actions of generosity and love can melt them.

  • Here is some best friend friendship status for you.

  • Good friends stay forever.

  • I could not be more blessed than to have you as my best friend.

  • I am so not sure what I would do without you, dear.

  • Thanks for listening to all my nonsense for years now, best friend.

  • Hope we can be friends till death.

  • Best friends don’t break their promises.

  • I love how you understand me even in my silence.

  • The best thing about you, my friend, is that you never leave me alone.

  • Life without you is like without fun. 

  • Everything becomes better when you are with your best friend.

Best Friendship Quotes For Facebook Status

A friend is a person who knows you too well to let you fall for the same mistake again. So instead, he helps you escape your bad situations and become a better person. 

A best friend knows when you are sad, happy, or angry. He makes you strong enough to face those emotions and live freely.

  • They influence you to make good decisions in life and are happy when you succeed.

  • Online friends can also be special, and they should be treated beautifully.

  • Here are some best friendship quotes for Facebook status.

  • Online friends? No, online sisters.

  • I hope our friendship grows even without Facebook.

  • I love how you always wait for me to be online. Thanks, best friend.

  •  True friends are gems, hard to find but valuable to lose.

  • You are my favorite person in the whole world; best friends forever.

  • Thank you for being the first to comment weirdly on my posts, best friend.

  • I was so innocent, and then I met you.

  • Best friends enjoy their weird names.

  • What makes my day special is your presence, best friend.

  • Mondays are not so boring around you.

What Does Friendship Mean?

Friendship means an unbreakable bond between two people who are not related by blood but are no less than family. They respect and support each other. 

How Do I Pick Between Friendship And Love Manga?

Losing a great friend is more painful than losing love. Friendship is for a lifetime, and people who can maintain it are worth appreciation. Love is irreplaceable if they are meant to be with you, but friends may leave you if not treated and trusted.

When Do Friendships Change?

Friendships never change. It is the person who changes with time. People grow apart when there is no trust or loyalty in friendship, leading to broken friendships. Sometimes, due to misunderstandings, friends fail to share a common ground.

What Is Mutual Friendship?

When some common friend of theirs connects, two people who are not close to each other are called mutual friends. These kinds of friends are very common when people have a group of friends. Not all people in that group are directly connected to you, and they are mostly friends of some of your friends.

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