580+ Goodbye Messages For Friends: Memories Last Forever! (Images)

When we wish goodbye to our friends, we want to express all those emotional feelings and our best wishes. 🤩 A goodbye message will help you curate your inner thoughts in the right direction with the right words. 

These messages will act rightfully in showing your emotions. They will also make your friends feel good about themselves.🫅🏻 

Saying the perfect goodbye isn’t easy, and that is why I have coined the best Goodbye Messages For Friends for you!

Dive right in! ⤵️

Goodbye Message For Friend

Farewell isn’t easy for you or them! 🤧Even though bidding farewell to your friend can break your heart, it is remembering to stay strong while they start on a new and fresh journey! 🍃I have coined the best goodbye messages for your friends- read along with me! 🤜🏻🤛🏻


  • Goodbye, my friend! We shall meet in some other cosmos of time. 
  • I wish I could show you my sobbing heart. Tears are shedding at your departure. 
  • The seed has germinated, and the bud has bloomed, goodbye our friendship has fallen out of season. 
  • I never knew that bidding you goodbye could become such a difficult task. 
  • It was a tremendous joy to have made a friend like you. 
  • Goodbye, my dear friend! May the faith lead us somewhere the same. 
  • I am happy to see you succeed in life. But I cannot swallow your success over mine. 
  • Why does life have to be so harsh? Why did you have to jump into another world so fast? 
  • After many years, I found the goodbye letter did not pave its way to you. 
  • Such a long passage of time went by. I am sorry I cannot give you more of my time.
  • I wish I had handed over the goodbye letter to you, but I lacked courage. 
  • Our egos have clashed. It is disturbing all around us. We shall say goodbye. 
  • Our school life is ending; we are flying away to different nations. Goodbye with a happy heart, my friend. 
  • The season is changing. Our friendship cannot face this harsh summer again. 
  • It is sad to acknowledge that we are exchanging goodbye messages, my friend.
  • These passing years have helped me understand that saying goodbye was a big mistake. 
  • I liked leaning my head on your shoulder. I will miss you, my friend. 

Short Goodbye Messages for Your Best Friend

I believe that my best friend understands me very well. A short goodbye note can make both of us sob and hit the strings of the deep friendship 🌼 we hold for one another. When wishing farewell to one of my best friends, I like to keep the message short and memorable. 💪🏻

Words that don’t take much of your time but stick by you for a long time that is the aim of these short goodbye messages. 🤝

Scroll down 🔽

  • True Friendship never ends at goodbyes.
  • While saying goodbye, I will reminisce about our good times. 
  • I love you, my best friend, and saying goodbye makes my heart grief. 
  • I am leaving a part of myself with you, and I know you are doing the same. 
  • Let’s promise to remember the good days we have shared. 
  • Losing you is like losing a constant sunflower in life.
  • I am looking forward to meeting you again someday soon.
  • See you later! My health is forcing me to bid you farewell. 
  • The days of glory and happiness saw an end to being reborn again. 
  • I hope we meet again at some strange crossing in life.
  • My hopes for your steady success will always be high. 
  • Our friendship is like the cycle of nature. It falls to rise again. 
  • I am so thankful that I found a helpful friend like you. 
  • We may be saying goodbye to one another, but soon we will rejoin.
  • Till the end of time, I will remember you and look back at our happy stories. 
  • It is tough to leave your side. But I have to bid farewell. 

Farewell Message for a Friend on the Last Day of College

We see many endings in our academic life, be it school or college. The farewell of my college was heart-touching. It was memorable and emotional all at once. 

These farewell messages will connect 🔗 your genuine feelings with the right words on the last day of college. The best composition of words for you is here- ⬇️

– Each day we have spent together as friends will be a memorable part of my college life. 

– We may have to bid farewell soon. I will never forget the time I spent with you.

– This story is also ending. A new tale of friendship is waiting to begin.

– Farewell, my good friend! Destiny shall bring us together again.

– The end of our friendship has turned into a necessity. We must leave each for a better future. 

– Unfortunately, I cannot invest in our bond further. I heartily apologize to you. 

– I cannot face my guilt. Seeing you reminds me of the mistakes I have committed. 

– Goodbye to happy days! Another story has come to an end. 

– Your departure makes me sad. A reason to smile is bidding goodbye. 

– I am grateful for the time that we shared. My heart is crying at your farewell. 

– I have to say goodbye. I won’t misplace the track we sang together. 

– Life will become a gloomy place without your presence. 

– Our college life is close to an end. My heart will always miss your company, my good friend. 

– Life keeps flowing from one direction to another. The direction in our life is shifting as well. 

– I have finally gathered the courage to bid you goodbye. You are a good person with a bad taste like mine. 

– The day we met was as great as the day we bid farewell. 

– Our friendship has sailed through many storms. This distance cannot break this ship. 

– I can force my tongue to say goodbye. But my soul will never agree on it. 

– I hope this is not the last goodbye I wish you.  

– While writing this goodbye note, I am smiling. A small glimpse of your face is enough to make me smile. 

Farewell message for a Friend Going Abroad

When our friends leave for their better future, a mixed feeling of happiness and sorrow wraps around our hearts, does it not? 🫶🏻

In my personal experience, one of my friends left for abroad last year. I was so happy about his success but teary about the distance that would come with it. 🥺

Scroll down to view the best farewell messages for a friend going abroad. 👎

– The distance of a few meters is changing into miles. Goodbye as I wish you luck for a better life. 

– I am sorry for leaving you midway. I had no other choice left. 

– Bye, mate! My job is taking me away from you once again. 

– I understand you need to run away from this hell. I will miss you, my dear friend. 

– Never have I ever seen a young woman as brave as you. I will miss your source of inspiration. 

– It will be too selfish to stop you from running away. I hope you find a better home – somewhere else. 

– This goodbye will be a reminder that good things come to an end. 

– Every tale has an ending, and ours was no different. 

– I wish I had expressed my feelings more freely than I did. 

– Let no foul smell dampen the pretty farewell we are celebrating. 

– I wish I could stop you for one more week. Alas! You have to go this very night. 

– There are better corners left to explore in life. But you were my favorite corner in life. 

– I will always cherish the little notes you passed to me during classes. 

– The semester has ended, and our classes will change. I hope this is not a real farewell. 

– I will keep loving you no matter how many goodbyes we share. 

– Although we are saying goodbyes to one another, I hope we never lose touch. 

– I hope this farewell will bring brighter colors to your life. 

Farewell Message for a Friend Going Away

The distance increases at every turn in life, and we are forced to bid farewell to our friends. 🫶

When one of my closest friends got a job placement in another city, I had to bid him farewell against my will. This is the cycle of life, but we can always make these goodbyes more enthusiastic and meaningful. 🥳

– Your presence, my dear friend, kept me cheerful all along. 

– I cannot believe that the time to exchange goodbye has already arrived. 

– The words will fall short of expressing the feelings I have in my heart. 

– I hope this goodbye will bring a rainbow into your life. 

– It will not be easy for us to hold back our tears. I hope we shed them all in this farewell. 

– I promise you that this goodbye won’t turn out to be the end of our friendship. 

– Change is difficult, while goodbyes are the toughest. 

– It is a sad day. I am knocking at your doorstep for the last time. 

– You were always there to help me out. I will miss you, my savior. 

– I am saying goodbye to a friend who never forgot to look out for me. 

– The day to wish you goodbye has finally arrived. I am sad and happy all at once. 

– My best wishes will always be with you. May you climb the mountain you seek to. 

Funny goodbye messages to friends

Sometimes we want to hide the sadness behind our goodbyes with a hearty joke. I feel that adding fun to your goodbye messages will make the teary faces fill with gleeful smiles. 🤩

Wish your friends the best wishes and goodbye notes in a funny manner. 

Here you go👇

You are the apple of my eye. I will never find an apple as sour as you. 

– If life is a rollercoaster ride, you are the force of water in it. The water will be too still – without you. 

– I will miss kicking your butt after every lunch break. 

– I hope you receive the ripest fruits in the future. 

– I cannot share my books with anyone except my crackhead friend. 

– Remember how the teachers gave us punishment? I will miss being your partner in crime.

– I’m really going to miss our daily shenanigans. Who will I blame for all the mischief now?

– It’s time to say farewell, but don’t worry, I’ll still stalk you on social media like a true friend.

– Goodbye, my friend! I hope your new friends can handle your weirdness as well as I did.

– Leaving you behind feels like breaking up with a bag of chips. It’s hard, but I know it’s for the best.

– Wishing you farewell, my friend! May your future be as bright as your Netflix binge sessions.

– Remember, if you ever need bail money or an alibi, I’m just a phone call away. Good luck out there!

– Saying goodbye is tough, but don’t worry, I’ll send you my bill for emotional support every month.

– Farewell, my friend! I hope you find a place where the Wi-Fi is strong, and the coffee is unlimited.

– Goodbye, buddy! I promise not to forget you… unless I get a better offer for a new best friend.

– Parting ways is hard, but remember, distance means nothing when we can still annoy each other through text messages.

– I’m waving goodbye to you, but don’t worry, I’ll still embarrass you with embarrassing stories at every reunion.

– It’s time for you to spread your wings and fly. Just don’t forget to text me your flight details so I can track you.

– Goodbye, my friend! I’ll miss your sarcasm, your terrible puns, and your ability to eat pizza like a champ.

– As we bid adieu, remember that true friendship means accepting each other’s flaws… and weird obsessions with cats.

– Farewell, my friend! May your life be as amazing as the last piece of pizza that no one wanted but you.

– Goodbye, pal! Just a friendly reminder: you still owe me $10 and three years’ worth of borrowed pens.

– Leaving you is like leaving behind a perfectly balanced equation. My life will be incomplete without you.

– Farewell, my partner in crime! Don’t worry, I’ll take all the blame for our adventures together. It’s the least I can do.

– Goodbye, my friend! May your new colleagues appreciate your unique talents, like your incredible ability to procrastinate.

– As we say our goodbyes, let’s remember that even though we’ll be in different places, we’ll always have embarrassing photos to blackmail each other with.

Long goodbye messages for friends

Saying goodbye can be very tough at times, especially when you have to bid farewell to your childhood friends. A chain of feelings ropes my heart while I wish goodbye to a close friend. Long goodbye messages help me say the words I fail to express during our friendship. 

Don’t miss out on them💟

– I have seen you grow, and I have seen you fall. This goodbye will only make our friendship more memorable. 

– They told me to act more rationally. But it is you, my friend. I feel very emotional as I hug you for the last time. 

– With this goodbye note, I want you to know that you are a treasure and an adorable human being. 

– I won’t be sad about your departure, but I will rejoice in the memories we drew together. 

– Every chapter is unique. You, my friend, were a rare one, and I am sad to finish reading it. 

– I have faith in our bond. These goodbye messages won’t be the last ones we share. 

– Out of all the goodbyes I have wished for today, saying goodbye to you was the toughest. 

– This pathway would have been filled with stones and boulders if it was not for your presence. 

– Exchanging goodbye notes with you is tearing me apart. I know we share this feeling mutually. 

– My friend, you have taught me the true meaning of love. You will always have a special place in my heart. 

– I have learned several good things from you. Moving away from you is like losing a source of wisdom. 

– Our journey has sadly come to an end. I wish this full stop had taken more time to arrive. 

– You have been with me at every step of my life. No one else can take your place in my life. 

– You are physically moving away from me. But emotionally, we will always stay connected. 

– We have been friends since childhood. The end of our school life will not mark the end of our friendship. 

– Our friendship is gearing its way to an end. My heart feels sorrow, but I will never forget you.

Goodbye Message to A Friend Who Is Leaving

“Saying goodbye is never easy, but I’ll cherish the memories we’ve made together. Safe travels, my friend.”

“Though miles may separate us, our friendship remains strong. Wishing you all the best on your new adventure.”

“Farewell doesn’t mean forever. Our paths may diverge, but our bond will endure. Take care!”

“As you embark on this new chapter, remember that you carry a piece of our friendship with you. Goodbye and good luck!”

“Wishing you blue skies and smooth seas on your journey ahead. Until we meet again, my friend.”

“Parting is bittersweet, but I’m excited to see where life takes you. Stay true to yourself and keep in touch.”

“Distance can’t diminish the special connection we share. Take care of yourself out there, and goodbye for now.”

“Saying farewell is tough, but I have no doubt you’ll shine wherever you go. Safe travels, dear friend.”

“Life’s journey may take us on different roads, but I’m grateful for the time we’ve had together. Best of luck and goodbye!”

“Although you’re leaving, our friendship will remain etched in my heart. Wishing you every success and happiness.”

“As you spread your wings and explore new horizons, know that our friendship supports you all the way. Goodbye and take care!”

“A chapter may be ending, but your story is just beginning. Go chase your dreams, my friend. Goodbye for now.”

“Change can be both exciting and challenging. May your journey be filled with joy, growth, and wonderful experiences. Farewell!”

“Though it’s goodbye for now, our memories will always keep us connected. Here’s to the adventures that lie ahead!”

“Wishing you a path filled with love, laughter, and success. Farewell, and may we meet again soon.”

“Life’s twists and turns may take us apart, but they can never erase the moments we’ve shared. Goodbye and stay amazing!”

“Sending you off with a heavy heart and warm wishes. Your departure marks the start of an incredible journey. Farewell, my friend.”

“True friends are never truly apart, even when they say goodbye. Remember, our friendship knows no bounds. Take care and farewell!”

“While we say farewell for now, remember that every ending is a new beginning. Embrace the change and make the most of it.”

“Goodbye doesn’t mean forgetting; it means our friendship has reached a new phase. Here’s to the wonderful times we’ve had and those yet to come.”

“As you step into the unknown, carry the love and laughter of our friendship with you. Farewell, and may your dreams come true.”

Emotional Goodbye Message to Friends

“Saying goodbye to you is like bidding farewell to a piece of my heart. Cherish our memories till we meet again.”

“Though distance parts us physically, our bond remains unbreakable. Goodbye, dear friend. Until we reunite.”

“As we part ways for now, remember that our friendship knows no boundaries. Wishing you all the best.”

“With each goodbye, a new journey begins. May your path be filled with joy and success. Farewell for now.”

“The echoes of our laughter will linger in my heart. Goodbye, my friend. Stay amazing, always.”

“In the tapestry of life, our friendship is a vibrant thread. Though we say goodbye, our connection endures.”

“Farewells are not forever; they’re just a pause in our journey. Until we cross paths again, take care.”

“As we bid adieu, let’s celebrate the memories we’ve created and look forward to the stories we’ll share in the future.”

“Saying goodbye feels heavy, but our shared moments will keep me smiling. Take care, my dear friend.”

“Life’s adventures take us on different roads, but our friendship remains unwavering. Goodbye, and stay in touch.”

“Though we say farewell, know that our bond remains strong across any distance. Until we meet again.”

“As our paths diverge, remember that our friendship is a constant source of strength and joy. Goodbye, my friend.”

“Embracing new beginnings means letting go of the past. Farewell, my dear friend. Here’s to your bright future.”

“Distance can’t dim the light of true friendship. Wishing you all the happiness as we say our temporary goodbyes.”

“Goodbye is just a word; our memories are forever. Keep our laughter close to your heart. Until next time.”

“Life’s journey takes us to unexpected places, but our friendship remains a constant. Farewell, and take care.”

“Parting is bittersweet, but our shared moments will always be a source of happiness. Here’s to our next reunion.”

“As we say goodbye, let’s hold onto the warmth of our friendship. May your days be filled with positivity.”

“A chapter ends, but the book of our friendship remains open. Wishing you endless smiles and success.”

“Goodbyes mark the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. Walk ahead with confidence, my friend.”

“Our paths may diverge for now, but our hearts remain intertwined. Until our next hello, take care and thrive.”

Funny Farewell Message to A Friend

“Leaving without you around will be as strange as a cat wearing a tuxedo. Farewell, my quirky friend!”

“I guess this is the part where I start saying ‘bon voyage’ instead of ‘hey, you got any snacks?’ Farewell, snack buddy!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll still send you memes in a time zone-friendly manner. Farewell, meme-sharing comrade!”

“Remember, distance is just a number, but our ability to find each other on social media isn’t. Farewell, my digital detective!”

“Who am I going to out-eat at buffets now? Farewell, food warrior!”

“Saying goodbye is like pressing ‘unsubscribe’ on our friendship newsletter. Farewell, subscriber!”

“I promise not to forget your birthday, but I might mess up the time zone. Farewell, time traveler!”

“If we ever start an ‘Incredibly Awesome Friends Who Live Far Apart’ club, you’ll be the president. Farewell, distant dignitary!”

“I’ll miss our impromptu dance-offs and the fact that no one else understands our moves. Farewell, dance floor sensation!”

“If life is a roller coaster, consider our friendship the loop-de-loop. Farewell, my thrill-seeking pal!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t let anyone else know about that embarrassing story involving a rubber chicken. Farewell, fellow prankster!”

“I’ll keep our inside jokes safe, but I can’t promise not to add a few more. Farewell, pun connoisseur!”

“Time for you to spread your wings and fly, while I continue perfecting the art of Netflix marathons. Farewell, binge-watching champion!”

“Remember, if you ever feel lonely, just remember all the times we laughed until our stomachs hurt. Farewell, laughter architect!”

“Who’s going to be my partner in crime now? I promise to only commit minor misdemeanors without you. Farewell, mischief mastermind!”

“Our friendship is like a cake – it might be sliced, but it’s still sweet. Farewell, cake-sharing accomplice!”

“I’ll have to find someone else to validate my crazy ideas now. Farewell, fellow adventurer!”

“As you embark on this new journey, just remember that GPS might not find our way back to each other, but our hearts will. Farewell, navigational ninja!”

“Our friendship has survived all sorts of craziness. Long-distance won’t stand a chance. Farewell, partner in shenanigans!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep your seat warm at our favorite hangout spot. Farewell, eternal chair-filler!”

“In the game of life, you’re pressing ‘Pause,’ not ‘Game Over.’ Farewell, temporary player two!”

Goodbye Wishes for Friend

“Saying goodbye is never easy, but I know your next adventure will be amazing. Stay in touch!”

“Wishing you all the best on your new journey. May your path be filled with joy and success.”

“As you embark on this new chapter, may you find endless opportunities and create beautiful memories.”

“Farewell, my friend. Your presence will be greatly missed, but I’m excited to see the wonderful things you’ll achieve.”

“May your farewell be the start of an incredible adventure. Keep shining bright!”

“Goodbyes are tough, but I know distance won’t break our bond. Here’s to the amazing times we’ve had and the ones yet to come.”

“Wishing you a seamless transition and an exciting new chapter. Farewell for now!”

“As you say goodbye, remember that true friends are never really apart. Best of luck on your journey.”

“Though miles may separate us, our friendship remains strong. Farewell, and here’s to the future!”

“Saying goodbye isn’t easy, but I know you’re off to achieve remarkable things. Stay awesome!”

“Farewell to a friend who has brought so much laughter and joy. Your impact will be felt even in your absence.”

“Wishing you a smooth journey ahead, filled with happiness, success, and new adventures.”

“Though we part ways for now, our memories together will always stay close to my heart. Goodbye and take care.”

“Saying goodbye is a bittersweet moment. I’m excited for your new chapter, but you’ll be missed.”

“May your new path bring you endless opportunities and experiences. Farewell, dear friend!”

“It’s not goodbye forever, just goodbye for now. Stay true to your dreams and keep in touch.”

“As you step into the unknown, remember that you carry the support and well wishes of friends like me. Farewell and stay amazing!”

“Goodbyes mark the start of exciting new journeys. Embrace the change and make the most of every moment.”

“Wishing you a fond farewell and a bright future ahead. Keep spreading your positivity wherever you go.”

“Though distance separates us, our friendship remains unwavering. Farewell and stay as incredible as ever!”

“Saying goodbye is a testament to the beauty of the moments we’ve shared. May your next adventure be as wonderful as you are.”

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