Happiness: The Thing We All Look for But Never Really understand

Every person needs happiness in life. But one needs to understand that happiness is not the final destination, it is the journey. We assume that one particular thing will give happiness but actually the reverse happens.

We cannot be happy by showing off to others and indulging in temporary pleasure. You can only achieve happiness when you are actually satisfied from the inside. You can reach out to ultimate happiness by expecting less and giving more. 

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In our life the only thing we ask is happiness. We ask ourselves for our loved ones, we want an unlimited positive vibe around them. Happiness is something that we try to find everywhere possible. We always try to find the fine destination where we can find the ultimate source of happiness, but we don’t understand happiness is about the path and about the route. It is not the final destination it is a journey. 

The purpose of living is not ticking all the boxes, not doing everything perfectly, not pleasing everyone you know. All we do is try to live the life which we never wanted and complain about not being happy instead of leading life as we want. Faking our life and choices will never help us to be happy people inside. 

The studies show that happiness cannot be achieved by going around and doing all ‘fun activity which claims to make you happy. Happiness is something that can be achieved only when you are happy from within. It can be achieved differently by different people.

Some of us may find happiness is solitude where we can find the mind in peace, some can find it in the smile of the person they care about, and some can find it while helping someone. Happiness is not something to work for it is something towards what you should work. And you must remember that if you keep thinking about how happy you will be by doing this work you won’t be able to get any kind of pleasure from it.

Our unrealistic expectations towards life is one of the major reason why aren’t we happy. Expecting less and giving more will bring a solitary peace. Forgiving and letting go of the sadness is one of the major steps towards happiness. Possessiveness, pride, insecurity are the ones that will pull you down if you never give them up. Giving up all negative thoughts and attitudes will take you one step closer to your goals.

Don’t try to find happiness everywhere you go, happiness will find you. Instead of searching for it, you should live in the moment.  Regretting about the past and worrying about the future will ruin your present. Thinking about those times will not change it. All we can do is live life in the present and make sure we are leading towards positivity step by step. We have full control in our lives so why not try to find the happiness which lies within us.

We want to find happiness all around us when we can seek it from ourselves. To be happy from within all we need some patience and perspective. 

There is not one thing that only can make you happy. It doesn’t have to be a constant thing that will make you happy. Happiness is a state of mind, a choice of your actions and your attitude towards yourself. 

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