A Speech on How to Overcome Conflict

Multiple people come with multiple mindsets which can turn into conflicts in no time. Having a conflict is very natural. Conflict and confrontation can be a fear to people so to overcome any fear we need to face it.  When you encounter a conflict never deny or walk away we need to accept. Facing conflict calmly is should be the way to handle it. This can be an opportunity to learn something out of our mindset or our though process.

You need to understand the person with whom you are having a conflict is not your enemy his/her goals are same however the way or thoughts are not. So approaching the conflict as battle will not help. Try to make them understand your view and try to understand theirs as well. 

Make sure to avoid negative words and confrontational words. Don’t say “you are wrong”. Instead of that you can say “I can understand what you are saying however from my point of view…..” this will lead the conversation in a positive way and a conversation with positive words will help to resolve the conversation.

Try to stay in a neutral position from where you can judge or think about both contents equally.  Only listening to something partially can lead a conflict into a worse position.  Understanding the other person’s view will help you to be in a position to decide in which way you want to continue the conflict. You can find a middle point where both of you can agree. And that would be end of the conflict.

Though sometime avoiding conflicts can help. Some conflicts can lead in to something terrible than just a disagreement like office conflicts should not be handled in a casual manner. As everything comes with consequences so if the conflict is not about the work or something personal it would be better to avoid the conflict without using harsh words. Setting a boundary is always a good to maintain a healthy environment. 

Listening carefully can help you to find an agreement on the conflict. Listen to them not because you want to prove them wrong but because you need to understand their point as well. As a conflict occurs because of disagreement however a solution only can be found when you agree on something. Finding the positives from the disagreement will lead to a settle conversation and the positive outlook. In many cases you may need to guide the conversation towards the positive to find a common ground to build the conversation.  

It may happen after a conflict there are no changes in the scenario in that case lean to accept that whether the other person agrees or not, that doesn’t change the equation between you two.  Forgiving that person is very essential in situations like this. 

At last before starting an argument make sure you thought thoroughly about the conflict. Before starting to believe in something judge the fact and make sure you understand the whole scenario. Learn and understand the facts as those will the basis of your point. 

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