A Speech on “How to Stop Cyberbullying?”

Cyberbullying is the kind of bullying that involves most modern digital technologies. Mostly takes place through mobile phones, social media platforms, gaming platforms, and while messaging.

This aggressive and harsh behavior is carried out to send threats, piss off someone, or shame and embarrass the targeted person.

Some of it includes actions like sending hurtful messages or threats via messaging, embarrassing one with photos or spreading lies around social media, or sending messages to other people impersonating to be someone else. 

Bullying can generally happen both digitally and in person; it is vastly among young kids and teenagers these days.

Either way, it is harmful to the victim and the victimizer. This is caused due to the lack of responsibility of the elders around their children, who never keep track of their child’s behavior and digital life.

Face-to-face bullying can only be stopped if the victim opens up and complains to his elders regarding the struggles he had to face caused by the victimizer to get proper justice.

As with cyberbullying, it makes it easier as it leaves a digital footprint. A digital footprint is a record that can be gathered as evidence to stop these kinds of abuse.

Bullying itself is horrifying; when it is done online, one feels like they are being attacked from all directions and there is no escape.

This eventually gives a feeling of being inside a tiny box with no air to breathe – suffocating. It affects the victim mentally, physically, and emotionally, making it difficult to express their feelings to their loved ones.

Being treated all the time harshly and embarrassed in front of everyone leaves them with no choice but to hurt themself or take their own life. 

The best way to stop cyberbullying is to report these kinds of cruel behaviors as early as possible.

Always try to open up to someone we love, our parents, teachers, or any elders, if we are being bullied.

When someone bullies you, never think that it is your fault. Ignore those kinds of messages; do not react to let the bullies have power over you. Use the tech tool options like block or restrict to stop them in case.

Always save the evidence of you being bullied so that when you reach out to your elders for help, this could be helpful.

Bullying can happen to anyone; make sure we seek out help, and also step out to help others in need, and never let them feel like they are alone in this. Leaving them to believe they are alone could be life-threatening. 

Social media platforms these days have even made it easier for us to report any such behaviors anonymously; they have a strong 24/7 support system to always help us.

If these kinds of bullying continue to happen, one can always reach the main server lines and ask for help to get the digital footprints. Thus, helping to take legal actions against the victimizers. 

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