A Speech on “The importance of office parties.”

Good morning everyone and welcome to this annual meeting. Today all of us are here to promote and build the spirit of our team and on this occasion I would like to emphasize on the importance of office parties. Every morning all of us here wake up with only one motive in our mind; to make it to work and to try and have a good day while we are at it. But soon this becomes a tedious cycle and all of us are bound to lose interest somewhere down the road.

This fall of energy and spirit in an individual will affect the overall performance of the team and then that will have an effect on every individual of that team. So, it is really important for all of us to have a time where we can relax and get together as a team and as friends. What better place to do that than an office party? They will also act as a motivation for us to look forward to work.

Many corporate settings have teams working together to complete tasks and to have a common motive and team spirit is quite essential to ensure a smooth and healthy working environment. Parties are usually a place where people meet and get to know each other and to create a bond it is necessary to have this sort of communication between employees for them to smoothly work together as a team. These corporate parties not only act as a platform for socialising but also for networking.

Many corporations rely on the benefits of networking to a great extent and office parties provide a very effective and efficient platform for the same. Now, keeping aside the team building, socialising and networking benefits of office parties, let us focus on the benefits that will be reflected in the morale of the employees.

Celebrating someone’s success as a team builds the confidence of that employee and it also boosts the morale of other employees to strive for success. An office or corporate party can be of different kinds; it can be a welcoming party of a new employee so that they feel included in the team or it can be farewell party that will honour the services a loyal employee has provided for the company or it can be just any celebration, be it a success party or a birthday party, all of these contribute to the benefits that will be seen in the employee’s feelings and loyalty towards the corporate which will eventually prove to be beneficial for the company.

To wind up, I would like to put forward the conclusion that sometimes financial incentives and other aids will not only be the ultimate method for employee satisfaction. When problems like workplace alienation and stress are prevalent in today’s world office parties are becoming not only common but also quite important and essential to a healthy organisation as it deals with these problems and along the way also promotes team building factor.

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