A Speech on Increase Train Travel to Save the Environment

Traveling by train or rail is the most comfortable and environment friendly. The emissions of carbon die oxide gas during train travel are eighty percent less than car or any other vehicle travel. For this reason the greenhouse effect is less than before. Greenhouse effect is a very much dangerous and harmful activity for nature.  The amount of damage caused by it is very high.  

There are many countries where only three percent of greenhouse gases have been released by the train transport system. Another way to save the environment in the area of transport system is walking and you can add with it the cycling. A whole train can carry above fifty thousand people at a one distance covered by a train .In that case , any other vehicle can carry only two thousands and five hundred people only. There are many different causes to travel by train is environmentally friendly.

There is a main cause like noise pollution had occurred by the motor vehicle traveling. Noise pollution is a natural environmental disaster caused by many reasons especially occurred by the motor vehicle transport system in the specifically urban areas. There are many diseases are grow for this noise pollution like hypertension , high-stress levels, tinnitus, sleep disturbance, and other harmful effects.

It can also damage people’s psychological states. You can absolutely avoid this noise pollution by traveling in the train transport system. However, in many countries, there are given many precautions in the other transport system also to avoid the noise pollution.

The train is eco friendly and which is very critical. In an annual basis process, India is seeing sales of cars increasing day by day.  China predicted to have three hundred million cars in road by 2030. Aviation and ship travel are also harmful for environment and it is proved. It seems that out of all the type of transport system, only trains are keeping emissions of greenhouse gasses low and sustainable for the future.

And after that there air pollution has come caused by the other transport system gas emissions. Air pollution is a very bad phenomenon occurred by increases the quantity of bad quality of gasses. Air pollution can easily cause many kinds of diseases. There are different types of diseases like lung cancer, bronchitis, pneumonia, many types of irritations, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, acute lower respiratory infections in children, many heart problems. You can also avoid these types of problems very easily by traveling in train transport. Because, now days, trains are running by electricity only in all over the world.

Now the last point that can be said is that traveling by train can save a lot of money and this money we can use to protect the environment

In conclusion, a train is eco friendly and the most eco-friendly way to travel and trains also provide convenience for people traveling for both business and for entertainment. The increase in motor vehicles on the road means that pollution is on the increase. 

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