60+ Mad Hatter Sayings From Lewis Carroll To Make You Laugh

Lewis Carroll created a fictional character, ‘The Hatter’ in his book ‘Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, which is the sequel of this novel.

The fictional character The hatter is very often known as The Mad Hatter, but Carroll never calls him Mad Hatter.

He was referred to as Mad Hatter before Carroll’s job. Cheshire Cat mentions The Hatter and The March Hare as “both mad” in the seventh chapter of the book ” Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.

The title of the seventh chapter of this book is “A Mad Tea-party.”

Best Mad Hatter Sayings

-There is a difference between Dream and reality, and no one can say which one is the dream or reality.

-They specify me as Hatter. Are you aware of the reason?

-Depressed with the Red Queen, who is smeared with blood

mad hatter sayings

-I am scared that I’ve gone crazy. Even though you’re completely mad, I’ll tell you something that I never told anyone before, just as the best people do.

-Do you know the purpose of calling raven a writing table?

-I challenge you never to talk too time.

-Everything wouldn’t be the same if I had my own world because nothing would make sense.

-When You don’t care about anything, you can at least talk to people with respect.

-You would never talk about wasting time if you knew the value of time as I do.

-Mutiny.Moron. Malice. Mmm, Murder starts with the letter M is considered by me.

-I have nothing to claim my own. Hatter is my identity.

-Something that is intense and relevant is my reaction to that. Cut your hair!

mad hatter sayings

-Obviously, Anyone can travel by rail or horse but traveling by hat is an extremely amazing way to travel. Is this a rhyme that was just made by me?

-Obviously, this is not a birthday party.

-People should think before talking.

-Presenting the song for the Queen’s honor that we always sing in her honor.

-This is an extremely good way to do it.

– You don’t bother about tea.is there anything wrong, dear?

-I’ll be sitting there with you even in the dark if you can’t see the positive side.

-You are so arrogant, and one day you’ll regret it. And I wish to hat your arrogance.

-You were much more childish than you are today.

mad hatter sayings

– There is a land full of mystery, wonder, and danger. you can survive it If you are mad like Hatter and there is nothing on earth like this place.

-There is no doubt you are late because of your watch which is running slow.

-I will energetically futterwacken when the day comes.

-There is no suggestion in my mind on how to solve the complexity.

-It is offensively impolite when you remark on your personal matter.

– It’s just like the case that is happening with me.

-You’ll be compatible with the group because we are completely crazy.

-I have a strong belief in 6 things which is totally impossible before having breakfast.

-Crazy just like Hatter, and twice something like it twists out of shape.

-Are you aware of the reason why they identify as Hatter?

mad hatter sayings

-I wish to continue it.

-There is no difference between his madness and a box of frogs.

-Alice moves the whole house of cards downwards when he is called by a girl last time. Even though it was 150 years ago, it made an absolute impression. It is impossible to be the girl that she was before.

-Expressing surprise, You are being taught something that is new. Make that useful note of Marchy.

-I am surprised Ratty Assumed you as Alice. Such a legendary person.

– Remove the dirt from the cup and go down.

-They moved the hat to talk when I was present there.

mad hatter sayings

-Alright. To dream up me you need to be half sane.

-Still, It’s the perfect time for tea.

-Money is just a sheet of paper that has no point.

-People do not even remember your name after much cream cake and chocolate. That is something I am aware of through observation.

-The Jabberwock, with ablaze eyes and claws that hold and jaws the bait, be alert to Jabberwock, my boy, Frumious Bandersnatch the rock band, he took his sharp blade in hand and the blade cutting through something, and it made a sound. He left the dead person and moved in a clumsy manner with its head”.

– To achieve terrible and great things in life, all you need is sweetness, blood, and tea.

-Sometimes you are too small, and sometimes you are too tall. What is the reason behind it”?

mad hatter sayings

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