A Speech on “The Negative Effects of Selfishness”

Selfishness can be a bad mark in your personal life, it can cause a huge negative impact on your relationships; damaging your career success and rising strength. Selfishness in other areas like in a leader could destroy a team’s productivity and engagement. People tend to be selfish because they are under the misconception that they could benefit themselves in any field. Sometimes, this could be true in terms of financial matters and the pathway towards success. Otherishness which is the opposite of selfishness also has its bad impacts on our lives.

Both selfishness and otherness can equally affect our psychological well-being, interpersonal relationships, and even physical health. Interestingly, in some cases, otherness may have benefits whereas selfishness may have costs. Being too selfish could lead you to be lonely, thus making you rude and aggressive toward everyone you meet. Here are some of the main effects of selfishness, that could ruin your life,

Being selfish will end up in a lonely life. These people don’t enjoy their life, they tend to push away people in various ways by hurting, mocking, or even embarrassing them constantly. This is one of the least attractive traits that would damage your reputation and eventually lead to loneliness.

Selfish people keep expecting from others. For these people what matters is, when something benefits them. Even emotions like love and care or helping friends come with a price, all they expect is to get it back from them or constantly keep nagging about it until it’s given back. It never matters to them even if it’s a close relationship or friendship.

Being selfish is to be more self-obsessed.  For them, everything they suffer or undergo has high meaning, they never care about others. This could lead them to a more worrying nature and further psychological issues. 

Selfish people are prone to addiction to various drugs. People who are addicted to something are usually selfish. They believe they need everything and they are the only ones who can control their feelings; they think they can start or stop the usage of these drugs anytime they decide.

Being selfish can hurt our loved ones. On the run for satisfying your own needs, you may be ending up hurting the only set of people that ever loved and stood next to you. This has destroyed numerous family lives. 

All these negative impacts of selfishness could only spoil your life. It is good to be selfish at some stages of our life, for example, there are few occasions where we have to think for ourselves and then make the right decision, that is not being selfish, it is being selfless. One of the best ways to reduce the effects of selfishness is to generate kindness in our hearts. Being kind to others could help you stay happier, and build a healthy mental, social, and family life. Kindness is the most delightful human character trait that can be spread and shared with thousands of people without expecting anything in return. 

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